Monday, July 30, 2012

i ♥ nyc

i am not even there yet and this city has my heart and full attention. i am on a official week long break from blogging while i squeeze some of my favorite online ladies, avoid the wine, and wear something other then sweats. i am a little overwhelmed but mostly just excited about this experience - i feel prepared and ready to conquer the week.

are you heading to blogher this week too? lately i have been diving into past and present blogher posts from some of my favorite people and have found them to be really helpful. i mean, just because this is my first time, doesn't mean it has to be that obvious, right? make sure and check out this post, you have the power at blogher! or read what chelsey has to say now that she is officially a blogher virgin no more, she asks, so you're going to blogher?

camera, mole skin, tylenol, phone charger - check. day and night outfits, anxiety, snacks and water bottle - check check. cute new shoes and purse - check check check!

i will have my laptop, but he will stay safe in my hotel room and be there just cause, well, i will have homework due the whole week long - so lame, right? so that means, to stay up to date on the hi, baby. happenings at blogher in new york city this year, make sure you follow me elsewhere...

are we friends on:
twitter: @olive_juiced
instagram: olive_juiced

because you can bet i will be tweeting my little thumbs off and there is guaranteed to be a flood of photos coming your way.

we, my room mates and i, are squeezing in our site seeing before the conference starts on friday - we have plans for the empire state building, circle line tours, central park, epic flea markets and more. even more exciting is that my brother in law is currently on a extended getaway in nyc and will be joining in on some of our fun! he has been there for a few weeks now so i am counting on him for us not to get lost somewhere.

so, have a great week and i can't wait to share all of my blogging and nyc adventures with you guys soon!


melissa rohr said...

have so much fun!! i hope to be there next year! please come back and share what you learned!

melissa rohr said...

oh for sure!

melissa rohr said...

have a blast, can't wait to see all your IG pics!

melissa rohr said...

Have so much FUN! I LOVE NYC