Monday, July 23, 2012

nursery dreaming: the official plans!

i have been dreaming about this nursery since before he was even a he. it is weird, because when we bought and moved into this house a baby wasn't really on our radar yet, the third bedroom was just going to be a man cave and that was that. the three girls all share one room, cause well, it is huge! and seriously...if this had been another girl we would have done something in there with amazing built in bunks and they would have all shared, it is that big. 

fast forward to now, i am literally nipping at the heals to get started on this nameless boys room! my dad has been living with us since february but he moves out on saturday and the boxes of stuff i have ordered online have already been piling up out in the hallway.

i decided to break up the actual plan of buying/decorating into two parts - so i did no overwhelm us with the cost and i could get the major stuff done to get a better feel for the next direction i would take. the theme is "little world traveler" with some major eclectic modern vs. vintage going on. sounds tacky when i say it like that out loud but i promise it will be amazing!

despite my dads grief for the dark blue swatches that went up on the wall a few weeks ago that is exactly the direction i am going! i already purchased my two quarts of behr's midnight dream, in their paint + primer. it is so boy!
this is the crib we had scored a couple of months before we even got pregnant! a sweet ig friend was giving it away if i picked it up in portland and i didn't even hesitate to head down the next week. this = my dream crib, it just needs a little touch up from some toddler chewing. we purchased this ikea expedit shelf that will actually lay on its side under a HUGE world wall map i got off ebay for a amazing deal and this chevron rug will go right in front of baby boys crib.
using a credit i got from selling back some books to amazon, i scooped these metal baskets to go inside the expedit shelving turned bench, to house books and simple baby toys. this fabric will become some sheets - i am going crazy with patterns in this room and hoping i looks alright, ha! it will be paired with that brown striped crib skirt you see down there. orange and blue are the central colors i am working with so i plan to play around with some fun tones of both! finally, you see here a recycled magazine mirror! i scored a cheap cheap square mirror at lowes and plan to follow this super easy tutorial to add this to my boys room.
i have been scouring etsy for the perfect pillows to spread across the bench, i am doing this versus making a long pad so that the crisp white still makes a statement but with fun soft elements added - this guy along with some of his friends are for sure heading our way! the fabric in the middle is actually the exact stuff i used to make some curtains for our old apartment, they will be perfect to repurpose here - i just bought a new bulky rod and ring clips to freshen the look up a bit. my obsession with faux taxidermy is making its way into other rooms! i haven't decided if we will go with a resin look like this or a newspaper/paper mache one but i can promise this boys room will not be complete with out a deer head.
also, while at ikea last time i snagged three of these ribba frame ledges (i am pretty sure i need one more though!) that will go in exactly like this next to the window and the rocking chair, perfect for showcasing some of the fun books the girls and i have been collecting this year. i am still on the mad hunt for the perfect skinny tall vintage table to repaint and have next to the rocker. squee! this exact eames rocker showed up on my door today, i literally was about to purchase one off amazon when they went on insane sale on zulily, i couldn't believe my luck. i honestly was buying it more for show/the kids but was happily surprised when it is actually really comfortable! lastly, as i mentioned above - this is the crib skirt that will go with the fun orange sheets! i have decided to forgo a bumper, they are dangerous anyway and if need be we will eventually put up a mesh/breathable one.

my talented friend amy is going to help me whip up a diy pouf to go with the rocker and i want to add other touches like this "f-l-y" and her use of clipboards as frames, i saw a few months back.

i am headed to nyc for blogher just after the room will be officially cleared out - this means i can't really get to work till i get back, which is probably a good thing, it gives me more time to obsess over what won't fit me while i am at the conference, ha.

almost everything i just mentioned above, i have already gotten, at this point it is finding the perfect prints, baskets, lamps and so on to finish off the room. i can't wait to stalk goodwill and try out some local antique shops for the perfect finishing touches - i am officially on the mad hunt for some vintage license plates!

the best part? i have hardly spent anything so far! the crib was free and the rocker, ikea shelf and ledges were gifts from my dad. the baskets and part of the rug i bought of amazon using a trade in credit, but waited till i found the perfect good deals. the curtains repurposed from before...see where i am going with this? i am pretty proud of myself for not going crazy, which i have a habit of doing. i get better and better and hunting down used vs. new and only buying sale or clearance - it is amazing how much you can save when you're patient!

i can't wait to share the progress and room reveal with you, so stay tuned!


melissa rohr said...

Gosh you're so good! Easton is getting all of Bennett's old nursery stuff and he is almost 4 months old and still not sleeping in his room. It's such a mess. Ugh. Hopefully once I get Bennett's room finished, I can start working more on Easton's. You are my hero!

melissa rohr said...

we gave our crib to my sister and my evil mother is making me give back the rocker she gave us :/ so i have had to start over from scratch. i was so excited when i scored some good deals :) i just commented back about helping you with the stripes too!

melissa rohr said...

I am so jealous that you get to decorate a nursery! Lilah has to share with Zane so all I get to do is rearrange stuff & get new bedding :( It's so hard!!

melissa rohr said...

awe, that could be so fun too! finding a neutral theme and how fun they are sharing! haha we could put the boy with the girls but their room is major girl and would be more work to overhaul.

melissa rohr said...

love love love all of it!!

melissa rohr said...

Oh well I don't get to repaint or anything. Just get to basically add her into his boy room because we don't want to spend money redoing it... We're trying to get out out of our house. So all I'm doing is rearranging furniture & putting girl bedding in the crib for her. It's kinda or pathetic but when we finally get to move I'm already thinking of what I want to do.

melissa rohr said...

that makes sense though! just think of how much fun you'll get to have making there rooms, especially once you know little lady's personality a little better :)

melissa rohr said...

i am so anxious to get started and see it all come together! haha, even though he won't even use it for MONTHS, ha!

melissa rohr said...

I love all your plans, and how thrifty you are! I had to pull out the paint chip we picked out for our bedroom remodel, we picked the color two shades lighter than Midnight Dream, called Skipper. Can't wait to see the finished room!