Friday, July 20, 2012

seattle outings: the space needle

[x] ride up the space needle

it is no secret my kids are cray-cray, like certifiably. zoe has been gaga over the space needle for a few years now but we put it off for two reasons: 1. it is crazy expensive (really i should just stop right here) and 2. i was positive she wouldn't like it as much as she was sure she would. 

this year rowan jumped on the band wagon of obsessing about this seattle landmark every time it came into their view or they saw a picture of it somewhere. any time we were in seattle the would talk about it non stop, how many elevators went up and down while they were watching, was it getting bigger or smaller depending on which way we were heading, do you think we could see this or that up there, oh look the space needle! (when we were in kirkland...) so tim and i, with reservations, added it to our summer bucket list and out loud promised the girls we would go, which means at this point it is concrete or we'll never hear the end of it.

this last sunday, after trying to scour the internet for some sort of coupon, with no luck, we packed up all the kids and headed downtown. thank god it was sunday and at least parking would be free! we had already decided to pull a fast one and say rowan was three, so she would be free, i mean come on, she is pretty close. we worked on her convincing, "i'm three!" the whole way down and we all ready for some adventures!

even with the little white lie and the fact stella is free too, it still cost almost $60 for our little family to ride up! which if this was the zoo we were talking about, that might not have hurt so bad, but if you have been to the space needle then you know, it doesn't amount to much - it is a ride up, a quick walk around, then a ride down. ok, i love our little tourist spot, but come on with the prices.

it is the 50th anniversary of the worlds fair so everything is spiffed up and you even get a free photo before you "launch":
amazing, right?

i'll admit, i even got a little nervous before we headed up and you wouldn't believe how awesome my husband is...the second we stepped off the elevator he mentions a earth quake. it has been a while since i took the ride up, i didn't remember that you had a clear view straight out the whole ride, it was a little awesome and a little terrifying. i held rowan up so she could see and i am pretty sure i felt her quivering.

once at the top everyone seemed to really like it. unless you touched them or heaven forbid tried to lift them to see better - then they would shriek. stella on the other hand "ooh'd and aah'd" every chance she got to stand on a platform and stair straight down, she was convinced it was pretty stinking neat. 

we did one walk around, located our car, and snapped some photos of the girls being cute with the binoculars then what do you know, headed right back down less then a hour later. sixty dollars people.

i felt pretty good about the trip though, zoe had finally scratched her itch, and my little family, all space needle virgins had gotten a chance to play tourist and check this thing out. everyone was pretty happy as we headed home and i feel pretty confident it will be at least ten more years before we do that again...


melissa rohr said...

looks fun! that price is WHOA! though. i would have a hard time justifying that. although, now that i think about it, we live near South of the Border, a GIANT truck stop on the border of North Carolina and South Carolina with a Mexican theme. We actually paid $12 apiece to ride to to the top of a giant sombrero one time ( needle but a sombrero at the top instead. and yes, it's as stupid as it sounds!). It may not seem like a lot but it wasn't anywhere near the height of the space needle.

melissa rohr said...

that looks like fun, we have still not done this...some day!

melissa rohr said...

it's been years since i've been to the space needle, so i don't remember the prices. dang. looks like a fun hour though! :)

melissa rohr said...

We are finally going up the space needle this week during our staycation. I hope once is enough to satisfy Dane, because right now he is OBSESSED. I agree, the price is freaking ridiculous.

melissa rohr said...

it has gone up a lot from what i remember :/ i think last time i went it was about $10 for adults which is sorta reasonable, now it is $20

melissa rohr said...

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melissa rohr said...

I know what you mean about the prices! Geez-Louise!

But your pictures are AWESOME! I'd love to feature this post on our Northwest-based site. Email me for details!

Shondra (at) dwellable (dot) com