Tuesday, August 28, 2012

a whole year.

three hundred and sixty five days ago, on august 27th 2011, i married my best friend. one of the best moments of my life to date and this adventure together just keeps getting better! a new house and a baby boy on the way, i hope the fun never stops, i never want off this ride.

this family couldn't ask for a better man at the lead, really a true partner in life - he doesn't take my bullshit but also puts up with my most outlandish requests. a father long before stella came along, he fell seamlessly into that role as well. we have the nicest lawn in the neighborhood and always have the best dinner, i really got myself a keeper.

happy first anniversary (of many many more) to my husband!

Friday, August 24, 2012

iphone apps: cinemagram

have you gotten a chance to try out this new super fun and free app on the iphone? we have become a wee bit obsessed with cinemagram these days and coming up with fun mind boggling videos to share with our friends. while it is fun for just a quick video, like this first one that you can set on a loop, you can also draw a mask on your video so that only a certain part of it moves - do you follow? check out the last two to see what i am talking about (look really closely on the last one)!

if you get the app you can find us and follow our creations just by searching for melissa rohr, we'd love to follow you too! i love digging through the trending videos to find new ideas to try out too - next up we're gonna try something fun with our shadows!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

bubble wrap

while stella was napping, i got a package with the best kind of bubble wrap inside, the kind with the big bubbles. since i joined clickin' moms the other day, i have been trying to master manual mode one setting at a time, so i set up the bubble wrap for her to find when she got up and got my camera ready.

i still have a lot to learn but i love these photos, they may not be everyones cup of tea when it comes to a black and white conversion, but it is exactly what i shoot for when i head to photoshop - i think the silhouette is perfect for what we were doing.

i am trying to soak up moments like this with my little lady, we are over the moon that her sisters come home soon but these are some of the last one on one times i will have with her until her little brother comes this fall, so we treasure every last one.

love this little girl.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

i am going to keep them young forever.

i recently found myself in a conversation with a friend about make up and our daughters - makeup? you mean that is something that i will have to let them do? willingly, as opposed to them sneaking it at the bus stop or their friends house before meeting at the mall?

i had never put much thought into it really, i don't wear much makeup at all, if any, and i had been floating along all this time on the high hopes they would just learn by example. but, my friend was right, especially these days, i am sure my oldest will be asking in any time now, she is nine. she still wears fuzzy socks, talks to her cats on the phone, and reads ramona books - can't she stay young forever?

so eventually the topic drifted on to what is appropriate as starter makeup for a tween, something i obviously had paid no attention to, i was suddenly was consumed by, what would i let her wear...

when i was her age, it was cool to wear white eye liner, just a little line across your top eyelid - man, too bad that isn't still cool. so here is what i would let my daughter, my precious first born who i never want to see leave for college or have to give away to another man, i would let her wear the lightest pink (maybe sparkly) eye shadows and some lip gloss with just a hint of red or pink, that is what i have settled on.

thinking about all of this made me realize, that this would be a up hill battle to fight, at least if i tired to stand my ground and keep makeup out of our house. so, she wins, and she can wear some, when she is thirteen and maybe this tiny bit of control that i hand over will teach her to be respectful of her body and choices when it comes to makeup. i could be bitter...or it could be a fun experience for us, a chance to shop, and drink lattes and bond. i have decided that is what it will be.

so until then, i relish in the moments of innocence because before long, if i blink, she will be grown.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

new york city: the details

oh new york, i just can't quit you...

as i had previously mentioned, i only took with me to nyc, a huge wide angle lens - hence the amazing photos i was able to share with you that featured some of ny's finest architecture in its entirety. this meant i couldn't take real good close ups, anything with people in it really, and low light situations were not my friend. emily and i had made a deal to just trade off photos - i would share by awesome ones of the whole island of manhattan in one frame and she would share ones she snagged while we toured the inside of the stunning saint patrick's cathedral, and so on.

there was some interesting street performances happening in times square, all for the love of tips, you know? i visited the plaza hotel, just so i could tell rowan that i was in eloise's house, she was so excited. the detail inside of the cathedral was breathtaking, of the stories and history those carvings held. i saw spiderman, of course and ate macaroons for my first time ever. almost cried at the "imagine" john lennon mosaic and rode the subway, but just for a second. i still wish i had snagged more photos with my lady friends but that is what instagram was good for. so, this pretty much wraps up anything i have to show you of my trip! i hope you have enjoyed reliving it with me!

Monday, August 20, 2012

a time to sew 3:7, review and giveaway!

i'll admit it, i am officially addicted to buying blankets for this little boy growing in my belly - but only if they are from the wonderful stephanie's new etsy shop, a time to sew!

did you know that she kick started this business by offering these blankets for a steal, to raise money for the bloggers for babies march of dimes team? what a great idea!

i ordered my first one back before i even knew if we were having a boy or girl, she was so fun to work with on helping me find exactly the fabric i was imagining and pairing it with the perfect soft backing. i literally squee'd when it showed up a few days later - this girl can sew!

she is absolutely amazing to communicate with and isn't too afraid to try new techniques and fabrics to help you create your dream baby blanket. i have since ordered this amazing mustache blanket for my little man and we are already talking about blanket number three, a crib sized one in place of the usual matchy match comforters you see in sets.

did i mention that you can get matching burp cloths with your blanket? she uses real six layer cloth to ensure that you are getting that extra absorbency in time of need, you know when your baby is projectile spitting up all over you...

are you convinced yet?

well, she wants to give you a custom blanket! what? as in you get to pick your fabrics and everything! this is going to be one of my most favorite giveaways yet, because i seriously love her finished product and can't wait for you to experience it too! check out how to enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

good luck, have fun, and tell your friends about stephanie's shop!

Friday, August 17, 2012

how to: lower and maintain a good blood sugar level

with my twenty-eight week glucose test fast approaching, i dove into research on how to lower then maintain my blood sugar. i have never had an issue in the past - but this pregnancy has been so different and i have felt really different the whole time, so there has been a nagging feeling in the back of my head that this might be different too.

seeing a midwife at a birth center is a lot different then a ob/gyn at a hospital clinic - not that mine wasn't wonderful, i am just definitely feeling the difference in care and attention. when i neared my third trimester mark, my tiny little midwife started in on me about diet and activity after i admitted to her, that like normal, i wasn't eating...great. she knew my concerns about wanting to keep this baby small so that did not cause me problems in my natural birth plan and she wanted to help. her theory was that diet was a huge factor in the size of my babies, i told her rowan was ten pounds because all of her great uncles, uncles, and cousins were all in the same size ballpark, i was positive it was just genes.

her best advice was activity - walking at least thirty minutes after lunch and dinner. easier said then done in this hot hot weather, but i was able to power through and when i just couldn't go outside, i made sure to stay active (like picking the house up) and not sit down for about twenty to thirty minutes after those meals.

on my own, i learned about some great foods to be intaking daily - obviously that meant no soda or sugary fruit juices, and goodbye huge bowl of cereal every morning. lean proteins are really good like nuts, tofu, and eggs. adding in a couple of avocados a day can do wonders and if you must eat bread make sure it is a whole grain wheat - no white! fruits and vegetables are always a positive part of your diet - so i have been eating a lot of carrots and watermelon without complaint. cinnamon is also rumored to have positive affects, so maybe add a little to your morning oatmeal!

water water water, so important, i read somewhere that you should drink about half your body weight in ounces of water to help flush out and stabilize high blood sugar. i am sure there is some truth to this, drinking a lot of water, especially when it is hot out is always a good idea.

i am not sure if it was the miles of walking i did in nyc or this diet, but since my last midwife appointment three weeks ago i hadn't gained any weight - this was good news because i had been putting on fast. it is crazy to me that with my first two pregnancies, including the one with rowan my ten pounder, i only gained 28-30lbs exactly and with stella more like the 45-50lbs range which is looking like will be the same for this one. i'd be interested to know why that is, because it is a different father? my age? how many pregnancies it has been? something to think about!

i don't have the results of my test back yet, so we'll see. i am guessing i am having anemia issues because i have been feeling tired and "off" and that was my midwife's best guess - it is around this exact time that i always have terribly low iron in my pregnancies. i will keep you posted!

hope this helps you if you need to lower your blood sugar too!

little rutabaga, i think that shall be his nickname...

How far along: twenty seven + twenty eight weeks
How big is baby: see above
Total weight gain: not available.
Maternity clothes: yep! now that summer is starting to dwindle away i am looking forward to more comfy options that include yoga pants!
Sleep: i am officially in the stage of pregnancy where i wake up at 3am and am ravenously hungry and can't sleep till i eat, even if it is chocolate cake, right then. 
Best moment this week: my midwife appointment and hearing about where baby boy is, not measuring big at all!
Gender: he better still be a boy, or a little girl will come to love a VERY boy room.
Craving: watermelon. like i could eat a whole one every day.
Movement: since being back from nyc he is shaking up a storm in there. i think i was just so busy and mobile i didn't notice him as much - glad to have his old self back!
Labor Signs: bring on the braxton hicks. i really am a pro at these by now...
Belly Button in or out: it is mostly neutral and the middle is out.
Stretch marks: i don't even want to talk about it anymore.
What I miss: not feeling guilty if i want to order a latte. oh, and wine.
What I am looking forward to: painting and decorating!
Milestones: hello third trimester! we're up to every two week midwife appointments!

good news! i think baby boy has flipped head down and is no longer in his comfy cradled position at the bottom of my belly. i can already feel his round-house kicks nearing my ribs and i am bracing for impact. it is funny how now later in my pregnancy i am embracing maternity fashion and trying to look a little extra cute each day - when really all i want to do is wear sweat pants. i have found a lot of options that are not maternity but i worry how bad i am stretching them out and if i'l be able to wear them after.

we got a lot done in his room since i have been back - painting, furniture, curtains, shelves, and more, at this point it is really just filling it with lovely knick-knacks and decorations. we have our baby-q coming up in a little less then a month and i am super excited! it is not meant to be like a real baby shower, but more of a end of the summer chance to celebrate our pending arrival and a lot of friends, who have not made it up yet, to see our house, haha a year later.

thursday i had my glucose test and i am a little nervous about the results, i don't know why but i just feel different this pregnancy and am hoping it isn't blood sugar related. i tried to eat more healthy and be a little more active in preparation - i don't know why i am freaking out, i have never had issues in the past.

i can't believe we are already at twenty-eight weeks! haha, i say that EVERY time but it is so crazy how fast this pregnacy is flying by, even tim agrees and our lives just get busier by the minute! 

so, until next time!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

can you remember the last time it was a hundred degrees in washington?

as the temps reach the high nineties to one hundreds, in the seattle area this week, this very pregnant lady and her toddler are taking precautions to stay safe and healthy - even if that means a little splashing in the pool after dinner.

i don't know about you, but when i go outside the heat might as well be double! stella doesn't seem to mind it too much, but i don't think she would appreciate it if i suddenly dropped out cold from the stress it was putting on my pregnant body. i know, whine, this is hardly anything compared to what the midwest and east coast have been experiencing for months - but here is the deal, in the pnw we aren't built for these types of skyrocketing temps. no one has air conditioning, parks and pools gets jammed full, and there is a rare sno-cone to be found.

so, to beat this weeks heat this is what stella and i are doing...

we stay inside most of the day, with the lights off, blinds drawn and big box fans blowing the hot air out, wearing just our underwear, and drinking our weight in chilled water. by time daddy gets home, it is the perfect opportunity to head out to our little pool that is now in the shade and splash to our hearts content! we let stella get all of her wiggles from being cooped up all day and in the lower temps tim gets a chance to mow the lawn and tend to "outside" things, like watering - something you should avoid in the middle of the day.

when we can't take the boredom any longer and have to get out of the house, we schedule outside play and errands for early morning or later afternoon when the sun isn't as high and hot - going early also helps beat the rush that we are guaranteed to meet at the spray park!

carrying a small fan with you, wearing light breathable clothing, taking cool showers when needed, eat small light meals like cold fruit or smoothies, and visiting free public places like the library or movie theater that are guaranteed to have the ac blasting are all great ways to fight off the heat at your house!

avoid caffeine and alcohol, both of these things contribute to dehydration. we keep frozen blueberries around for snacking and are cooking anything that doesn't involve the stove or oven, man those things heat the house up fast! our tv is the biggest heater in the house, i swear, and i wish we could keep it off longer but it has been key in keeping my trapped toddler entertained before nap - what would she do with out her mickey mouse?

the heat and lack of rain are causing devastating fires in our area right now - we are praying for the ones affected and the people sent in to fight the fires, as well as rounding up household and personal items we can donate to a friend collecting them.

i don't want to complain about the warmer weather, since we have waited almost all summer for it - but it is important to pay attention to how you are feeling while you play outside, what type of sunscreen you are using (emily posted a very helpful guide!), and that you are staying plenty hydrated.

have fun!

daddy (and mommy!) is baby wearing too, volume two

you can read volume one of the series here.

a chimparoo woven wrap from the precious earth online store graced my mailbox this week and it was love at first carry - i am not sure i can even share this review with tim, i am so in love with this wrap! with the countdown on until baby boy joins us this fall, we are investing our time in finding the best wraps to fit our family, budget, needs, and body types. i have had my eye on a woven wrap for some time now, partially because i knew it was one i could maneuver with a big belly and still get all of the benefits of baby wearing my toddler. a lot like a moby in its design and nature, but it is highly recommended not to use a moby on a back carry position, any stretchy wrap for that matter - this woven option offers a much sturdier version with many more positions to explore!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

a curly haired girl guide to, well curl.

these days i don't have a second to spare, let alone treat, dry, and straighten my hair - so i have come to embrace my dad's side of the family's, very dominant gene, of the curl. it took me year, years, of misshapen trials of gels, hair cuts, clips, creams, and conditioners before i fell into a groove with my hair. you know what the turning point was for me? when tim was getting a haircut at a local hipster barbershop (they did girls hair too) and i said, "why not" to a cut and let the guy go curly with my hair afterwards, something i had never experimented with before. his secret weapon? bumble and bumble curl creme.

i have talked about my love affair with this brand before, i even use the creme and surf spray in stella's curly hair, it is that amazing, and that worth it. to build on that, i wanted to share how i achieve what i think is some darn good curl. it was a learning process for sure (can you believe my weapon of choice used to be herbal essence gel?) but there is no reason you should be afraid to embrace some curly hair in your life!
1. wash and condition with natural and organic, sulfate free shampoos and conditioners. or skip this step all together - you can wash with a baking soda mixture or nothing and give your hair a scrub with some conditioner.

2. dry (sorta), never wrap your hair in a towel, the fibers cause frizziness! i just ring my hair out with my hand. then, i detangle with a super large tooth comb.

3. apply your favorite creme lightly, a little goes a long way! i always make sure to rub into my parts and hair line well to help cut down on any straggler fly-aways. ps, you want your hair SOAKING wet for this step. the wetter the better!

while applying the creme i always get another chance to give my hair a good ring of the extra water.

4. scrunch with a cotton tee-shirt (not a towel!). you will instantly see a difference in how your curl defines.

5. extra steps: if i am in a hurry and want to throw my hair in a pony or headband, which i think works better if my hair is dry, i will throw a diffuser on my blow dyer and on warm, slowly give my hair a little air. also, stellas super fine, soft curl, loves the sea - so i like to spritz some sea salt spray in her hair from time to time to give her some gorgeous bouncy curls too! i have come across some amazing diy tutorials on how to make your own like this one, and this.

can't wait to hear how this works for you! not everyone has the same type of curl, so it will take a little playing around and patience, but i can guarantee that you can get a better looking curl without trying to hard!