Wednesday, August 15, 2012

a curly haired girl guide to, well curl.

these days i don't have a second to spare, let alone treat, dry, and straighten my hair - so i have come to embrace my dad's side of the family's, very dominant gene, of the curl. it took me year, years, of misshapen trials of gels, hair cuts, clips, creams, and conditioners before i fell into a groove with my hair. you know what the turning point was for me? when tim was getting a haircut at a local hipster barbershop (they did girls hair too) and i said, "why not" to a cut and let the guy go curly with my hair afterwards, something i had never experimented with before. his secret weapon? bumble and bumble curl creme.

i have talked about my love affair with this brand before, i even use the creme and surf spray in stella's curly hair, it is that amazing, and that worth it. to build on that, i wanted to share how i achieve what i think is some darn good curl. it was a learning process for sure (can you believe my weapon of choice used to be herbal essence gel?) but there is no reason you should be afraid to embrace some curly hair in your life!
1. wash and condition with natural and organic, sulfate free shampoos and conditioners. or skip this step all together - you can wash with a baking soda mixture or nothing and give your hair a scrub with some conditioner.

2. dry (sorta), never wrap your hair in a towel, the fibers cause frizziness! i just ring my hair out with my hand. then, i detangle with a super large tooth comb.

3. apply your favorite creme lightly, a little goes a long way! i always make sure to rub into my parts and hair line well to help cut down on any straggler fly-aways. ps, you want your hair SOAKING wet for this step. the wetter the better!

while applying the creme i always get another chance to give my hair a good ring of the extra water.

4. scrunch with a cotton tee-shirt (not a towel!). you will instantly see a difference in how your curl defines.

5. extra steps: if i am in a hurry and want to throw my hair in a pony or headband, which i think works better if my hair is dry, i will throw a diffuser on my blow dyer and on warm, slowly give my hair a little air. also, stellas super fine, soft curl, loves the sea - so i like to spritz some sea salt spray in her hair from time to time to give her some gorgeous bouncy curls too! i have come across some amazing diy tutorials on how to make your own like this one, and this.

can't wait to hear how this works for you! not everyone has the same type of curl, so it will take a little playing around and patience, but i can guarantee that you can get a better looking curl without trying to hard!


melissa rohr said...

Oh man. I actually have (or had) very curly hair naturally. But after giving birth to Bennett, it started to straighten in certain areas. No, not everywhere, just some places. It's so silly. The hair all around my face and back of the neck is super curly, but the top and ends of my hair will not curl anymore. Like, it's ridiculous and looks so dumb. Maybe if I chopped it all off it would start to curl again? Ugh.

melissa rohr said...

that is so weird - i hear of that happening all the time! i have yet to experience any loss of the curl, but i think when i am actually pregnant it just looks a lot better from those magic pregnancy hormones.

melissa rohr said...

Love this! I have super curly hair and I've been fighting with it all
my life. The silicone based frizz treatments do not work well on my
hair unless I'm straightening it. I definitely need to try the Bumble & Bumble stuff. I've always like the Aveda brilliant styling creme but, since it's pricey, I don't buy it that often.

melissa rohr said...

haha, i feel your pain! bumble is a little on the pricey side too, but even when my hair is long one bottle lasts me 6-10 months - a little goes really far :)

melissa rohr said...

My hair used to be stick straight, but after Eve it's now wavy.... and now it's like what the heck do I do with this?

melissa rohr said...

There is definitely an art to the perfect curl... and I spent years figuring out my own routine with the perfect products. My technique is very similar, but I'm dying to try Bumble & Bumble cream now! I've recently started using Curls Cream Brule (Target), and I'm slowly falling in love.