Tuesday, August 28, 2012

a whole year.

three hundred and sixty five days ago, on august 27th 2011, i married my best friend. one of the best moments of my life to date and this adventure together just keeps getting better! a new house and a baby boy on the way, i hope the fun never stops, i never want off this ride.

this family couldn't ask for a better man at the lead, really a true partner in life - he doesn't take my bullshit but also puts up with my most outlandish requests. a father long before stella came along, he fell seamlessly into that role as well. we have the nicest lawn in the neighborhood and always have the best dinner, i really got myself a keeper.

happy first anniversary (of many many more) to my husband!


melissa rohr said...

love all these pictures! Happy first wedding anniversary!

melissa rohr said...

how sweet! what is the story of how ya'll met?

melissa rohr said...

love this! happy anniversary!

btw, these are still my favorite wedding pictures ever!

melissa rohr said...

Happy Happy Anniversary!! Great wedding photos;) Hope you check out our fun giveaways this week on our blog!


melissa rohr said...

happy anniversary!
Your bridesmaid dresses are great by the way!