Thursday, August 16, 2012

can you remember the last time it was a hundred degrees in washington?

as the temps reach the high nineties to one hundreds, in the seattle area this week, this very pregnant lady and her toddler are taking precautions to stay safe and healthy - even if that means a little splashing in the pool after dinner.

i don't know about you, but when i go outside the heat might as well be double! stella doesn't seem to mind it too much, but i don't think she would appreciate it if i suddenly dropped out cold from the stress it was putting on my pregnant body. i know, whine, this is hardly anything compared to what the midwest and east coast have been experiencing for months - but here is the deal, in the pnw we aren't built for these types of skyrocketing temps. no one has air conditioning, parks and pools gets jammed full, and there is a rare sno-cone to be found.

so, to beat this weeks heat this is what stella and i are doing...

we stay inside most of the day, with the lights off, blinds drawn and big box fans blowing the hot air out, wearing just our underwear, and drinking our weight in chilled water. by time daddy gets home, it is the perfect opportunity to head out to our little pool that is now in the shade and splash to our hearts content! we let stella get all of her wiggles from being cooped up all day and in the lower temps tim gets a chance to mow the lawn and tend to "outside" things, like watering - something you should avoid in the middle of the day.

when we can't take the boredom any longer and have to get out of the house, we schedule outside play and errands for early morning or later afternoon when the sun isn't as high and hot - going early also helps beat the rush that we are guaranteed to meet at the spray park!

carrying a small fan with you, wearing light breathable clothing, taking cool showers when needed, eat small light meals like cold fruit or smoothies, and visiting free public places like the library or movie theater that are guaranteed to have the ac blasting are all great ways to fight off the heat at your house!

avoid caffeine and alcohol, both of these things contribute to dehydration. we keep frozen blueberries around for snacking and are cooking anything that doesn't involve the stove or oven, man those things heat the house up fast! our tv is the biggest heater in the house, i swear, and i wish we could keep it off longer but it has been key in keeping my trapped toddler entertained before nap - what would she do with out her mickey mouse?

the heat and lack of rain are causing devastating fires in our area right now - we are praying for the ones affected and the people sent in to fight the fires, as well as rounding up household and personal items we can donate to a friend collecting them.

i don't want to complain about the warmer weather, since we have waited almost all summer for it - but it is important to pay attention to how you are feeling while you play outside, what type of sunscreen you are using (emily posted a very helpful guide!), and that you are staying plenty hydrated.

have fun!


melissa rohr said...

i'm so struggling with this...normally i'm ALL ABOUT THE HEAT...but being this pregnant with all the swelling is really rough.

melissa rohr said...

It's been miserable the past two months over here in Selah. Blarrrgh, so ready for FALL!!!

melissa rohr said...

i haven't had bad swelling yet, other then how bloated i get from how much water i am consuming :/

melissa rohr said...

i bet! do you guys not have ac?

melissa rohr said...

Just a wall unit thing...and we cant afford to run it 24/7. Sigh.