Thursday, August 16, 2012

daddy (and mommy!) is baby wearing too, volume two

you can read volume one of the series here.

a chimparoo woven wrap from the precious earth online store graced my mailbox this week and it was love at first carry - i am not sure i can even share this review with tim, i am so in love with this wrap! with the countdown on until baby boy joins us this fall, we are investing our time in finding the best wraps to fit our family, budget, needs, and body types. i have had my eye on a woven wrap for some time now, partially because i knew it was one i could maneuver with a big belly and still get all of the benefits of baby wearing my toddler. a lot like a moby in its design and nature, but it is highly recommended not to use a moby on a back carry position, any stretchy wrap for that matter - this woven option offers a much sturdier version with many more positions to explore!

(don't judge our wrap job, we're still novices!)
chimparoo is a canadian made brand, one of many that the precious earth shop carries - there you can find everything to fit your needs of cloth diapering, baby wearing, amber and hazel wood, personal care, and more. they were fabulous to work with and offer some really gorgeous and amazing options when it comes to baby wearing. communication is key when ordering a product like this, you want to know you are getting something that works well with your needs and precious earth can offer that to you, there is even a great facebook page to follow along with to keep up to date on new info and product.

the chimparoo woven wrap is the perfect option if you are looking to wear your babies from birth to four(ish) years, i was able to saddle stella (29lbs) right in on my own and was absolutely taken back by how comfortable it was and evenly the weight was distributed - this is a big deal for my aching pregnant body. the wrap also came with a super helpful dvd that goes over each type of carry, whether you want to front, hip, or back carry and even rates the difficulty of each one. the back wrap cross-carry was the very first one we clicked on, rated at a level five, it was no problem at all getting stella situated and snug - it wasn't perfect, but then again, it was my very first experiment with a woven wrap. i am told youtube is a great resource for wrap guidelines and carries - on a quick search i came up with a ton!

i counted thirteen plus ways to wear this wrap and that isn't even including if you want to get brave and try it with twins! while i can't try all of them right now, there are still quite a few i can work with that go over my belly or can at least be adjusted to fit that way. i can't recommend this wrap enough! i didn't know what to expect as i waited for its arrival, but i was blown away by its obvious quality and wearability, it stands up to any of the girasol or didymos you see out there today and for a more attainable price - we got the the bio color, which goes with just about everything and is a color tim isn't afraid to be seen in, which is a huge plus. chimparoo also makes a mei tai, ring sling, and stretchy wrap option.

well, since this series is suppose to be all about what tim thinks, let me pull out my trusty list of questions and see what he has to say...

what do you like about this wrap? it really was pretty comfortable!
what do you wish was different? it was longer, some of the positions weren't working right and it will take some getting used to, to get it snug.
what was your favorite carry position you tired? the front cross one, even thought it was a little weird carrying her like a newborn, it felt the most secure.
how does this wrap compare, weight distribution wise? i am pretty big fan of the ergo, but this one is pretty comfortable too, for a baby carrier...
ok, now which carrier is your favorite? i don't know, there all the same? this one is pretty good though.

i can't wait to revisit a review with this chimparoo wrap, once baby boy is here and i can test out nursing options in all of our carriers and see how it compares. but, for now - this is by far my favorite "toddler" option and can't wait to test out its limits!

a precious earth wants to help you get a woven wrap, or any other carrier you have been dying to own! they are offering my readers 15% off their order!

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