Sunday, August 5, 2012

heads of various vegetables

How far along: twenty five + twenty six plus weeks
How big is baby: see above
Total weight gain: not available.
Maternity clothes: yep! however this last week in nyc i managed to wear almost all non maternity and even pick up a few new wearable things.
Sleep: great! it helps that i walked fourteen miles each day and was plenty exhausted.
Best moment this week: getting started on baby boy's "world traveler" room
Gender: i am pretty sure he is still a he
Craving: sandwichs, yep i eat lunch meat and you can suck it if your judging me right now
Movement: it has decreased a lot, google settled my mind but will be talking to the doctor about it monday
Labor Signs: i have admitted at least four time i am positive my water is about to break. see above for all the walking, also file under not good.
Belly Button in or out: out and visible through my dress today.
Stretch marks: no new ones but the old ones are still around
What I miss: i have been in nyc for almost a week, so un related to pregnancy, i miss my family!
What I am looking forward to: painting and decorating!
Milestones: a new week, a healthy baby still baking = a milestone in my book!

there is not a lot to report, as usual at this point in pregnancy. i have been in nyc since tuesday and am barely surviving the walking, the sun, and the air that is like soup - i did notice in the mirror the other day that my thighs have seriously shrunk a couple of inches and i am sure my midwife is happy about all the walking  oh the walking.

i will come home to a empty blank canvas of a nursery and you can bet, that once i get over the jet-lag, i will be decorating up a storm - i promise to keep you updated on the progress!

stella's grandparents who have bee watching her all week are a little scared for us i think. they mentioned to tim that if this nameless boy is anything like his sister, were in for a ride. it's to be expected in our family, always crazy town, always a great time.

glucose test and new thyroid draw are at my next appointment in a couple of weeks, so wish me luck! per my midwifes request i am trying to eat WAY less sugar, stop drinking soda, and walk after every dinner - that will start the second i get home - i couldn't have possibly been expected to not eat a little crappy while i was on vacation.

so until next time! i can't believe i am already almost 27 weeks! whoa!


melissa rohr said...

Sheesh!! I am just starting this whole mommy-blogging thing (only a few months in), and yours is impressive!! I'd love some advice, if you wouldn't mind checking it out: Thanks!