Friday, August 17, 2012

how to: lower and maintain a good blood sugar level

with my twenty-eight week glucose test fast approaching, i dove into research on how to lower then maintain my blood sugar. i have never had an issue in the past - but this pregnancy has been so different and i have felt really different the whole time, so there has been a nagging feeling in the back of my head that this might be different too.

seeing a midwife at a birth center is a lot different then a ob/gyn at a hospital clinic - not that mine wasn't wonderful, i am just definitely feeling the difference in care and attention. when i neared my third trimester mark, my tiny little midwife started in on me about diet and activity after i admitted to her, that like normal, i wasn't eating...great. she knew my concerns about wanting to keep this baby small so that did not cause me problems in my natural birth plan and she wanted to help. her theory was that diet was a huge factor in the size of my babies, i told her rowan was ten pounds because all of her great uncles, uncles, and cousins were all in the same size ballpark, i was positive it was just genes.

her best advice was activity - walking at least thirty minutes after lunch and dinner. easier said then done in this hot hot weather, but i was able to power through and when i just couldn't go outside, i made sure to stay active (like picking the house up) and not sit down for about twenty to thirty minutes after those meals.

on my own, i learned about some great foods to be intaking daily - obviously that meant no soda or sugary fruit juices, and goodbye huge bowl of cereal every morning. lean proteins are really good like nuts, tofu, and eggs. adding in a couple of avocados a day can do wonders and if you must eat bread make sure it is a whole grain wheat - no white! fruits and vegetables are always a positive part of your diet - so i have been eating a lot of carrots and watermelon without complaint. cinnamon is also rumored to have positive affects, so maybe add a little to your morning oatmeal!

water water water, so important, i read somewhere that you should drink about half your body weight in ounces of water to help flush out and stabilize high blood sugar. i am sure there is some truth to this, drinking a lot of water, especially when it is hot out is always a good idea.

i am not sure if it was the miles of walking i did in nyc or this diet, but since my last midwife appointment three weeks ago i hadn't gained any weight - this was good news because i had been putting on fast. it is crazy to me that with my first two pregnancies, including the one with rowan my ten pounder, i only gained 28-30lbs exactly and with stella more like the 45-50lbs range which is looking like will be the same for this one. i'd be interested to know why that is, because it is a different father? my age? how many pregnancies it has been? something to think about!

i don't have the results of my test back yet, so we'll see. i am guessing i am having anemia issues because i have been feeling tired and "off" and that was my midwife's best guess - it is around this exact time that i always have terribly low iron in my pregnancies. i will keep you posted!

hope this helps you if you need to lower your blood sugar too!


melissa rohr said...

That test always makes me so sick. The drink itself is disgusting. Hope all is well.

melissa rohr said...

My midwife just told me that my iron count is terribly low, even after taking extra iron supplements :( For some reason my interpretation has been "eat more burgers."

melissa rohr said...

haha - yea, i am anxiously awaiting the results so i can start on iron if that is the problem, i have been feeling super off and i don't like it.