Wednesday, August 22, 2012

i am going to keep them young forever.

i recently found myself in a conversation with a friend about make up and our daughters - makeup? you mean that is something that i will have to let them do? willingly, as opposed to them sneaking it at the bus stop or their friends house before meeting at the mall?

i had never put much thought into it really, i don't wear much makeup at all, if any, and i had been floating along all this time on the high hopes they would just learn by example. but, my friend was right, especially these days, i am sure my oldest will be asking in any time now, she is nine. she still wears fuzzy socks, talks to her cats on the phone, and reads ramona books - can't she stay young forever?

so eventually the topic drifted on to what is appropriate as starter makeup for a tween, something i obviously had paid no attention to, i was suddenly was consumed by, what would i let her wear...

when i was her age, it was cool to wear white eye liner, just a little line across your top eyelid - man, too bad that isn't still cool. so here is what i would let my daughter, my precious first born who i never want to see leave for college or have to give away to another man, i would let her wear the lightest pink (maybe sparkly) eye shadows and some lip gloss with just a hint of red or pink, that is what i have settled on.

thinking about all of this made me realize, that this would be a up hill battle to fight, at least if i tired to stand my ground and keep makeup out of our house. so, she wins, and she can wear some, when she is thirteen and maybe this tiny bit of control that i hand over will teach her to be respectful of her body and choices when it comes to makeup. i could be bitter...or it could be a fun experience for us, a chance to shop, and drink lattes and bond. i have decided that is what it will be.

so until then, i relish in the moments of innocence because before long, if i blink, she will be grown.


Rachel said...

Sorry to have sent you down the "MY GIRLS ARE GROWING UP! rabbit hole. I do feel fairly lucky that I've managed to get by this long, but since she will be turning 13 in a few months...ugh. For some reason it's mascara she was sneaking to wear, even though she has wicked awesome lashes...Her BFF has very blond thin hair and probably reached for te mascara first and she just followed suit.

melissa rohr said...

AHHHHHHHHH i don't wanna think about these things with bellz! But i totally agree with your approach. you can fight her on it and make it a battle or you can do it together, strengthening the bond you already have. props to you mama!