Friday, August 17, 2012

little rutabaga, i think that shall be his nickname...

How far along: twenty seven + twenty eight weeks
How big is baby: see above
Total weight gain: not available.
Maternity clothes: yep! now that summer is starting to dwindle away i am looking forward to more comfy options that include yoga pants!
Sleep: i am officially in the stage of pregnancy where i wake up at 3am and am ravenously hungry and can't sleep till i eat, even if it is chocolate cake, right then. 
Best moment this week: my midwife appointment and hearing about where baby boy is, not measuring big at all!
Gender: he better still be a boy, or a little girl will come to love a VERY boy room.
Craving: watermelon. like i could eat a whole one every day.
Movement: since being back from nyc he is shaking up a storm in there. i think i was just so busy and mobile i didn't notice him as much - glad to have his old self back!
Labor Signs: bring on the braxton hicks. i really am a pro at these by now...
Belly Button in or out: it is mostly neutral and the middle is out.
Stretch marks: i don't even want to talk about it anymore.
What I miss: not feeling guilty if i want to order a latte. oh, and wine.
What I am looking forward to: painting and decorating!
Milestones: hello third trimester! we're up to every two week midwife appointments!

good news! i think baby boy has flipped head down and is no longer in his comfy cradled position at the bottom of my belly. i can already feel his round-house kicks nearing my ribs and i am bracing for impact. it is funny how now later in my pregnancy i am embracing maternity fashion and trying to look a little extra cute each day - when really all i want to do is wear sweat pants. i have found a lot of options that are not maternity but i worry how bad i am stretching them out and if i'l be able to wear them after.

we got a lot done in his room since i have been back - painting, furniture, curtains, shelves, and more, at this point it is really just filling it with lovely knick-knacks and decorations. we have our baby-q coming up in a little less then a month and i am super excited! it is not meant to be like a real baby shower, but more of a end of the summer chance to celebrate our pending arrival and a lot of friends, who have not made it up yet, to see our house, haha a year later.

thursday i had my glucose test and i am a little nervous about the results, i don't know why but i just feel different this pregnancy and am hoping it isn't blood sugar related. i tried to eat more healthy and be a little more active in preparation - i don't know why i am freaking out, i have never had issues in the past.

i can't believe we are already at twenty-eight weeks! haha, i say that EVERY time but it is so crazy how fast this pregnacy is flying by, even tim agrees and our lives just get busier by the minute! 

so, until next time!


melissa rohr said...

how did you handle the heat yesterday? i'm bracing for another hot one today...think i might go to a air conditioned coffee shop to work!

melissa rohr said...

as long as i stay VERY still and have a fan blowing on me, i am ok lol