Tuesday, August 21, 2012

new york city: the details

oh new york, i just can't quit you...

as i had previously mentioned, i only took with me to nyc, a huge wide angle lens - hence the amazing photos i was able to share with you that featured some of ny's finest architecture in its entirety. this meant i couldn't take real good close ups, anything with people in it really, and low light situations were not my friend. emily and i had made a deal to just trade off photos - i would share by awesome ones of the whole island of manhattan in one frame and she would share ones she snagged while we toured the inside of the stunning saint patrick's cathedral, and so on.

there was some interesting street performances happening in times square, all for the love of tips, you know? i visited the plaza hotel, just so i could tell rowan that i was in eloise's house, she was so excited. the detail inside of the cathedral was breathtaking, of the stories and history those carvings held. i saw spiderman, of course and ate macaroons for my first time ever. almost cried at the "imagine" john lennon mosaic and rode the subway, but just for a second. i still wish i had snagged more photos with my lady friends but that is what instagram was good for. so, this pretty much wraps up anything i have to show you of my trip! i hope you have enjoyed reliving it with me!