Tuesday, August 14, 2012

new york city: the places

new york city truly is an amazing place, i live in seattle, where you can maybe start to compare them, maybe a little - but nothing prepared me for the history, the architecture, the size, and the movement that i was in for. i saw so many things in my short stay, so so many, but sadly there was so much more i would to have loved to have done - like the 9-11 memorial, or nbc studios, explored all of the burroughs, seen brooklyn or tracked down some family history at ellis island, maybe rode more subways. i still felt over filled with all of my experiences but this city had so much more to offer at the same time.

i highly recommend a circle line boat tour if you plan on visiting, we saw everything! the best part was the very brooklyn, very informative fast talking tour guide, who gave us the breakdown and history on everything we set eyes on during our hour cruise (you can chose many different ones). pier, 17 where you board the boat has a ton to offer as well - well reviewed restaurants and shopping as well as some fun street performers and vendors.

the moma was a for sure must, i only wish we had time to squeeze in the met and natural history museum - both reviewed to be absolute amazing and worth your time. getting to stand inches from my all time favorite painting, a starry night, was a super meaningful moment for me. it is so funny, that every where we visited, i was instantly tying it with what movie i had seen it in - the library where carrie almost got married or they hid out in (my favorite movie of all time) the day after tomorrow. the castle in central park from step mom, haha this went on and on, i even impressed myself with my ny movie trivia.

it is amazing that i only came up with forty some odd photos after picking, choosing, and editing. i only took with me a very wide angle lens that i borrowed from my uncle, hence why i was able to capture the entirety of buildings like the flat iron and this gorgeous shot of manhattan. emily, who only brought her 50mm was only able to snag the more detailed up close photos, so we just made a deal to trade what we each got. i hope you enjoy my photo tour of new york!
manhattan island and the staten island ferry
emily, in times square

saint patricks cathedral, absolutely breathtaking - even covered in scaffolding!
breakfast at tiffany's, anyone?
24-hour apple store, all glass!
monet's water lilies at the moma
van gohg's, a starry night
top floor of the moma
new york public library
the inside of grand central station - that ceiling!
coming up on the empire state building
view from the 86th floor!
we went up to the top of that! 6 floors more!
amazing architecture all over! the flat iron building.
first tower rebuilt after 9-11, tallest in nyc!
towers one and two, of three that will come to be.
new jersey
ellis island
statue of liberty
three bridges - brooklyn, manhattan, and williamsburg
castle in central park
bow bridge, central park
the exact spot john lennon was shot thirty-two years ago
last stop before we left, rockefeller plaza


melissa rohr said...

So happy to hear you had a great trip! I always love seeing others' posts about NYC; it is my absolute favorite place! Seeing your pictures makes me want to invest in a wide-angle lens :)