Monday, August 13, 2012

pacific northwest outings: mountainview blueberry farm

i went to bed dreaming of a early morning hike with my little family, but was super happy to oblige when tim suggested blueberry picking the next day - i had been dying to try it out since the season opened last month. i woke up super early and started researching the best places to go. i went straight to my trusty red tricycle emails, but most of the ones they suggested were south sound based and we preferred to stay a little closer to our north sound home.

i came across mountainview blueberry farm, which happened to be just a few miles down the highway, where we were bound to spot some sky divers and hot air balloons on this gorgeous day. i was really excited when we pulled up and it was a small quite farm, that wasn't over commercialized and wasn't looking too crowded, considering we got a sort of late start. i was a little hesitant at their two dollar a pound prices, but i didn't get a chance to research and compare to see if that was really even expensive at all for this type of activity. i mean, so what if it was a little more pricey then fred meyer right now - it is a lot about the activity and family time, right?

i almost died when stella grabbed her own bucket and headed right into the bushes, carefully selecting one berry for her mouth then one for her bucket, two for her mouth then one for her bucket, it was pretty cute - even if i was in constant fear of a stomach ache that was sure to follow.

we agreed that because of the price and the hot sun, we would pick until our smaller individual buckets were about half full - the attendant had told us these were about four pounds each, so that would be perfect. right away we knew we were going to have to forgo including stella's harvest with ours - she was picking a lot of pink and green berries and decided they needed to be dumped onto the path a few times. tim and i eventually almost each had a full bucket - but the berries just went on and on, all of the bushes were so full! we were picking earliblue and concord berries that day and ended up with around six pounds total, which is perfect for our family since all we are using these for is snacking and smoothies!

i highly recommend this spot - granted i have never picked at other local places, but i got a really great vibe from this place and stella even met a new friend who shared a birthday month with her. oddly, this was my first time since childhood to get out and do some fruit picking and now i can't wait for the fall and apples!

ours may be just for snacking, but that hasn't stopped me from eyeing up some trifles on my favorite recipie site, this one looks amazing - i'll let you know if i make an attempt at it!