Thursday, August 2, 2012

you have my attention manhattan

i am barely three days in and i am already dreaming of bringing my husband here so that he can experience some of the breath taking moments that i have so far. i just heard obama address a portion of the five thousand women attending this years blogher conference, and let's just say, my vote is unwavering - what a experience.

i know, i know, i said i was on a break but i can't keep some snippits of my adventures from you! we have pretty much wrapped up the sight seeing part of our trip here in nyc and tomorrow the conference officially opens, most meals are free, and i lose even more sleep, four hours in enough right?

this preggo is having a hard time with the heat (almost 90 and major humidity) but i power through for things like getting to go up an extra sixteen floors of the empire state building then most people do and standing inches from my all time favorite painting. the things you do for love...

wait till you see some of the beauties i have snagged with my borrowed, amazing, wide angle lens!