Saturday, September 29, 2012

maternity mini session :: sneak peek

officially in love with this little peek from our maternity session earlier this evening. we hooked up with one of my favorite mama friends and amazing photographer, lauren with lulabell photography, to do a very fun, very "us", fallish maternity shoot. her pick, the uw arboretum in seattle is one of the most gorgeous parks our city has to offer! having driven through it at least a hundred times, tim and i both agreed it was nuts neither of us had ever explored there - it is on the to do list for sure now.

this boy may be here sometime at the end of next month and i love that this shoot captured the perfect fall tones of chilly air and pumpkins! i am literally dying to see more!

make sure and check out lauren if you get a chance. in the seattle/vancouver/portalnd area? don't hesitate to schedule your session now - it is christmas card time coming up really fast!

Friday, September 28, 2012

from the vault :: build a fort kit

i can't believe it has already been a year since i made this fun gift for my oldest! well, i am at it again as we have a very special birthday coming up and i knew it would be the perfect gift for us to give - and so easy to make!

i wanted to re-post this, in case you missed it the first time and this time i even included downloadable tags for you if you want to try your hand at this fun diy. 

you really can't go wrong with this project - whether you are up for investing a more money in new sheets and fancy reinforcement tools or would rather gather items from around your home, i promise it will be the talk of the party. 

my kids still spend hours building forts with this kit, a different one every time as the tools included and the extra sewn on loops provide many ways that you can work with the materials.

just go ahead and right click to save the images - should print up to a full sheet of copy paper or adjust sizes to fit whatever your needs are. i usually print the inside build material and reinforcment tags one half to a quarter the size of the outside tag.

i took my image files to staples and right there they printed the sizes i wanted, cut, and laminated them for me for a super affordable price. when i got home i used some grommets i already had laying around to add stability and a fun look to the tag!
zoe's fort in a bag = best gift i have ever given. ever.

pretty easy too, and chances are? if you invite us to your birthday party we will probably bring one of these bad boys as our gift - every kids dream come true!

first, i tracked down my supplies...a flat sheet here and there (this proved to be difficult since goodwill/value village was trying to charge me $9.99+ for anything that was cute and vintage, boo on you goodwill, boo on you.) i could have probably easily made a bag to hold it all but i was running out of time and i was able to find a very inexpensive laundry bag. Finally, tim scored me a big bag of plastic spring clips at lowes that came in all sizes, he also picked up a flashlight to complete the set.
to get started, i knew right away i wanted to dye the laundry bag - it was white and i was positive it wouldn't stay that way for long with how much use this set was facing by zoe. this was my first time ever using rit dye so it was really up in the air how it would turn out - it came out kind of purple when i was shooting for a light grey, but i didn't have time to stress about it and moved on.
next, i outfitted the sheets with loops and ties - even with the clips i gave her this option to just slip over a chair or tie somewhere easily. i added six loops/ties on the corners and in the middle of the long sides. to do this i just laid out one of tim's old tees and used my rotary cutter to slice 1.5 inch pieces. when the pieces were cut i stretched them out to give them the look they have now. while sewing them on i criss-crossed the middle and sewed in an 'x' to provide support.
as the finishing touch, i opened up trusty photoshop to whip up a tag for the outside bag, i was so inlove with how it turned out i didn't stop there - i made two more for various contents on the inside.

zoe was over the moon christmas morning and couldn't wait to build her first fort - she did a great job and used every piece, even the rope! this gift is such a win!

i think in the end i spent $25 - which is hilarious since all of the tutorials i read to prepare gushed about $15 totals and so on...i thought we did it pretty frugally and still spent a lot more, hmmm.
i would love to hear if you make one!

Thursday, September 27, 2012


just when you thought this family of nearly six couldn't get any more crazy town, we went and adopted a dog. that brings us up to almost four kiddos, a cat, three fish, and a man child of a husband.

it was like second nature bringing lucy home with us, we had planned on adopting a yellow lab by next summer, then a opportunity came up and we seized it. we opted to take her now versus later after the baby comes because i would rather be fully adjusted to her and her to us before baby boy comes rather then the opposite.

lucy is about nine-ish months old and is a pure bred yellow lab. stella is her biggest fan but has to fight tim for some good "gog-ie" time. stella has always loved dogs and never had a ounce of fear if they were bigger then her - these two are currently perfecting a game that involves running across the house over and over, usually with each pass stella lays on the floor and shrieks in joy while lucy licks whatever breakfast remnants might be on stella. it is adorable and means fifteen minutes of silence after because everyone is tired from the running.

it took some experimenting and patience to get her used to our much smaller, gravel and patio back yard and learning how she was escaping the first couple of days. currently, she still goes every where with us in the car - partially because the kids love having her sit between them in the van and partially because i am terrified what might happen to my house if i leaver her, i am getting over this pretty fast though.

lucy sleeps on her back sometimes and has dreams that involve barking at something. she snores and is constantly on a mission to get our weary cat to play with her. stella is always shouting at her to sit when she is already sitting and is ready and willing to throw her ball for her, a whole foot and a half.

there is dog hair everywhere, the part i forgot about, but i just ordered a highly reviewed handheld pet vac that should help save my sanity. i mean the cat is no saint in the category either.

the girls think it is funny to turn lucy's ear inside out and tim is trying to convince her, her name is lulu.

if you sit on the floor, she is in your lap.

we are looking forward to many years and many memories with lucy. i can't believe we got a dog, we're nuts, but now that she has been here for a week we can't imagine life without her!

so, i'll leave you with this morning's version of "run around like maniacs at 8am":

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

do you follow?

now that i am well on my way with this new url, name, and look i wanted to draw your attention to those flashy buttons up there in the corner. while it rains is making it a priority to utilize many social networking platforms to make sure we never skip a beat on getting posts and news out to you!

one of my favorite changes recently has been the introduction of a facebook page for the blog - it has been a lot of fun integrating my posts with other useful information i find around the interwebs as well as sharing sales i find, photos of my kids, fun questions with you guys, and more throughout the day. do you follow while it rains on facebook yet? make sure and do so today! i am cooking up a fun giveaway when we hit a certain number of followers over there, so you won't want to miss out!

on top of the facebook page, i stay very active with instagram - having upgraded finally from my old old iphone 3 and finding apps that fit my editing styles i have been having a lot of fun posting photos of my kids and their weird antics throughout the day. if you want to find us over there we are under olive_jucied. twitter, you tube, and rss are all other ways you can stay dialed in with our going-ons, just hit the fun social media ions up above there in the right corner and we'll get you all set up.


#dailyrowanprekphoto take two

as of last week rowan is officially back to preschool, this time in the pre-k class, since well, next year she goes to kindergarten - insert major denial here. i cried real tears when she found her name tag right away without the help of her teacher and then didn't even demand a hug like she did every day last year. i just stood and watched my almost five year old scamper off to a table full of her friends and start chatting away.

i can't even stand how grown up she looks in those photos up there, where is all of this time fleeting off to in such a hurry? she writes her name, out of order albeit, and tells her teacher her hair is banana colored since this year our favorite color is obviously yellow. she hangs up her back pack and doesn't run out into the parking lot like a maniac when we pull up in the afternoon and she remembers other things from her day besides what the snack was. then the moment i died? a little boy-friend who she knew from last year sprinted up to her with a piece of paper, "rowan, rowan! here is my mommy's phone number so you can call me sometime and we can get together." slow down little boy, slow down.

because we opted for the four day a week class this year, our only option was a pm class. this has us all out of whack, even to the point where i have to set a alarm to remember to get her, since otherwise i would probably just as easily assume she was upstairs napping with stella. let's not even talk about the constant battle to keep stella awake to and from drop-off so that i can throw her down for nap and pray she actually takes one. she usually wins though with a fifteen second car nap that screws the rest of the day, whine.

of course i am back at it with the #dailyrowanprekphoto and i can't wait to turn them into something fun again at the end of the year. the slideshow was great but i really had my heart set on a little photo book, but after browsing through the photos, most taken on my old iphone 3, i decided the quality wasn't up to par. this year i am paying a lot more attention to detail and skipping any filters. it is especially hard working with our favorite spot to take the photo and the sun being in a completely different place then when we were leaving at nine am. to edit, i use vsco cam to up the exposure and crop then snapseed to fine tune with sharpening and saturation. then, before i send off to intsagram (olive_juiced) i usually pop it into squaready to give it a neat look.

so, make sure and follow along with us on instagram and watch her change before your eyes! and, pass the tissues.

Monday, September 24, 2012

i think i love our chiropractor!

if we had talked eight months ago about the chiropractor, i would have brushed you off. the sheer idea of cracking my anything terrified me and i never gave the practice a second thought. plus, only people that get in car accidents go to one right?

fast forward to this pregnancy, my fourth pregnancy, one that has proven time and time again to be the polar opposite of anything i had experienced with the first three. enter, major sciatic nerve issues and terrible hip/pelvic pain. i had heard of this sciatic nerve thing being a literal pain in pregnancy but had never experienced it myself - i was desperate! as usual our doula was ready and willing to lead me in the right direction and that was straight to a local god, i mean chiropractor.

my initial consultation revealed a lot of what i expected, it was obvious i had never taken care of my body in this way before and pregnancy was really screwing with me. my hips were turned, my weight distribution was off, i was standing quite a bit taller on one foot, and in my natural stance my right foot was unnaturally turning out. we couldn't do x-rays because, obviously, but i am sure that would have shown even more going on that was visible on the outside.

after that i headed out to a table, i had already confessed, almost in tears how terrified i was, not necessarily about my back (that feels good when tim pops it), but my neck, all i could do was picture it breaking. remember, i am a crazy hormonal pregnant lady. so he started feeling around, asking me random questions about painting and my tattoos and BAM! just like that my first neck adjustment was over, and you know what? i lived and felt great. my hips and back followed, and of course for the first time in weeks i slept like a baby that night. no crying at 3am because my sciatic was alternately shooting down each leg and my hips were throbbing no matter what position i tried to get comfortable in. i was hooked.

Friday, September 21, 2012

halloween :: diy costumes!

sources: owlpeacock. pirate.
it's that time of year again! tomorrow marks the first day of fall and while we have had our little one's costumes picked out since last december, that doesn't mean i haven't been drooling over these future ideas.

these days with the quality of store costumes at a all time low and lacking major creativity, i head straight to or pinterest to get ideas for some one of a kind costumes for my girls to wear. thankfully, they have yet to beg for too many years of sparkly belle costumes, like we opted for a few years ago, and are easily talked into more custom looking costumes like stella's snow white costume from last year or her minnie mouse costume hanging in the closet for this year.

while i still try and decide if i need to pre-plan a costume for the boy, who just might be here before halloween, i wanted to share with you some of my favorite diy costumes i have seen around the web these days. you know my favorite part? most of these could be whipped up with things around the house or a quick and inexpensive trip to the fabric store!

stella was almost a homemade owl last year before we opted for her adorable handmade snow white costume instead - when i first started looking this was the first tutorial i pinned, i loved that it was so detailed and amazing but looked like something, that with the help of one of my sewing genius friends, i could whip it up no problem. i am totally dying over this peacock costume! while costume feeds tend to get bombarded with the many options the tulle tutu holds, i love that this costume takes it to another level, this site offers a great and photo detailed tutorial on how you could make this yourself! only have a few hours to pull together the perfect costume for your toddler? well, check out this no sew pirate costume! with just a few quick cuts on some bright striped fabric, some old jeans, and a few scrap pieces of felt you have yourself a adorable classic costume!
sources: viking. rag dolls.
still need some ideas? check out some other tutorials that totally wow'd me on my search!

woodland fox (
last-minute costume ideas (
gnome sweet gnome (
paper doll (
ten awesome costumes for little dudes (

what are your little ones going to be this year? rowan is going to be eloise, the famous plaza hotel resident trouble-maker; stella is minnie mouse, her current hero; and the verdict is still out on zoĆ« but i know she has been leaning toward a labyrinth character, like bowie perhaps? if our little man is still held up inside i might opt for one of these hilarious preggo zombie ideas, ok that would be gross, but so clever!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

our baby essentials

since we're onto baby number four, i would like to be able to say that we really didn't have to buy anything to get ready, but really we did, and it sucked. having to factor that we were now adding a boy after three pink loving girls and that prior to buying this house, a year ago this week, we lived in smallish apartments with little to no storage for carseats and jumparoos.

luckily, after you have had three babies you have a lot better of a sense of what you really need in those first few weeks with your little one and you can really spare yourself the huge costs. i promise you don't need the highchair you registered before baby comes, he will forgive you since he won't sit in it for about six months.

tim deals well with lists, it is easier for him to see where i am coming from on wants versus needs if i write it out and we stick to it, so i got very specific. we bought a carseat mere weeks after we found out we were pregnant - i came across an amazing deal for a maxi cosi carseat on amazon and didn't even hesitate to hit purchase. when the same type of deal rolled around on the stroller we were set on, i cashed in on a gift from my dad.

car seat
4 muslin swaddling blankets
10-12 simple and soft baby outfits
3-4 pairs of pajamas
2-4 hats, cotton and knit
2 crib sheets
breast pump
pump essentials - shields and membranes
new nursing bra
24 infant prefolds
4-6 thirsties diaper covers
6-8 bumgenius freestyle and elemental aio's
soaps and lotions
belly and hip binder for postpartum
1-2 packs of newborn disposables

i traded in bins and bins of the most adorable, thoughtfully picked out little girl clothes for a credit at my local consignment shop, where i continually check to see if anything new is in. i chose to forgo things like a blue boppy cover, i think our son will forgive me if i continue to use my beloved velour pink one. while i own a breast pump, it is currently lent out to my nursing sister who is pregnant again, so i scoured my facebook swap sites till i got an amazing deal. luckily i had held onto my hundreds of bottle, tubes, valves, and more.

my sister who is pregnant again, due in february won't need her fancy, plug in, swing until well after we are done with it, so we opted to borrow that one over forking out too much money for the mamaroo i had been drooling over. i had already talked about the very few purchases, swaps, and deals i had scored to start to pull together this little mans nursery and we were blown away when the most generous gifts for our baby shower, from tim's work friend showed up in our mailbox - several sets of gorgeous organic sheets and the cradle bedding from our amazon registry. speaking of his nursery - we did a quick blitz on our plans to fit the growing pains of our house and soon to be four kids, i can't wait to share the reveal with you soon!

we updated our video monitor and shopped a lot of gap sales. in my head i am picturing my boy in a lot of soft cottons and stripes, gap was a go to for this and i can't get over how well their clothes fit and hold up. when it came to the monitor, i originally set out to find a good one that would work well for viewing over my iphone and tim's android but after digging through review after review, i couldn't settle on one that would work in our price range, so i opted to buy a hand held one that has been tried and loved by my sister in law.

although, always found on the "unnecessary lists" we already own a wipes and bottle warmer from way back when i had rowan - i will argue that we love our wipes warmer! you can simply pop the plastic top of a kirkland wipes pack and with a little water at the bottom of the warmer, set the plastic bag part of the wipes in and voila, a warm tush that warrants a few less screams at diaper time. we have a baby bath, pack and play sheets, carseat "sleeping bag" as i like to call it, and gender neutral swaddle wraps with the handy snaps and velcro. we we also have a pack and play and a cradle for a couple of options for our newborn to sleep in.

i have been collecting baby carriers like mad, what can i say? i am obsessed. we will have many to choose from with a mei tei, a woven wrap, ring sling, regular sling, moby type stretch wrap, and a ergo with the infant insert.

outside of "things" we needed to collect, we had some other costs that included our doula and placenta encapsulation which ran us about $500 total. these services were very important to me from the get go and i can't wait to share more with you about why we chose these paths!

the list above doesn't seem too scary, right? i have included exact link to what and where we bought each item in case you are looking for ideas or good deals. i can honestly say we are officially ready for this baby! other then a run to trader joes, days before he comes for birth center rations, we have purchased everything we need for him. there are a couple of more items i opted to borrow over buy, since i knew we would use them for such a short time and not worth investing in, since i promise there will be no more little people joining this family after our son, haha.

what baby items can you not live without? either before they come or a little after?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

social networks :: making them work for you.

i wanted to talk a little bit about how i personally use twitter, instagram, pinterest, my facebook page, and more. at blogher we ended up at a lunch table where a left over sign from a a previous "birds of a feather" session had taken place - a opportunity for like minded curious people to sit and converse on certain topics. this wasn't meant for us, but it sparked a conversation on how emily and i use twitter, if it really is necessary in blogging, and the conversation eventually drifted into the use of instagram and its relevancy to blogging. it felt empowering that i could answer these womens questions with good well rounded reasoning, without ever really putting much though it to it before - it was something i just did.

i like to leverage many social networking platforms as extensions of my blogging. really, as extensions of my right hand, since these things are all ways i can make social networking do work for my blogging right from my phone, even on the go. i have been on twitter for a few years now, and while my devotion to it comes and goes, it is a quick and easy way to spread news or ask questions - what are the rules on brown boots with black leggings these days? same with instagram, i have more followers actively staying up to date on my going-ons there, then i might on the blog - i have a give away going on? i screen shot hi, baby. and post it there, drawing in a ton of attention that would have otherwise been missed.

on twitter, i blast links to my newest posts to keep people who might not have hi, baby. saved in their reader, up to date on our going-ons. i integrate tweets with links into giveaways as entires, to help reach an audience i might not normally and most business that get involved with hi, baby. on sponsored posts, like to see new followers too - so i add in "following" as a required step in entering one of my contests. when i am getting ready to dive into a particular topic, i reach out to my followers for advice, a quick survey, or if they would like to chime in on the post topic. i honestly haven't put to much effort into growing my followers on twitter, they just seem to naturally build. i host a social icon on my blog so that people can easily find me and i remind them we are there from time to time in a post. i don't think twitter ruined blogging, i think it enhances it, as long as you utilize it to your advantage!

i am new to having a facebook page directly tied into my blog - now that i have been doing it for a couple of weeks, i really wonder what i was so scared of, i think it was just trying to stay on top of managing that on top of all the other social networking i am involved in. i am coming to find that one of the best things you can do for you "business" facebook page, is not only post about your own topics and going-ons, but link and share relevant content from other people you are reading too! blogging after all is a community and one that loves a little support from one another.

although instagram was started as a simple photo sharing secret club, it has grown into a platform of many facets - it is a shopping center, a giveaway host, a mirror, and more! personally, when i have a giveaway going on it i will photograph the item to entice my followers over to the blog to enter to win it. if i have a review coming up, like the one i am doing of a wall stencil, i will post photos of my progress to keep people excited and watching the blog for the actual review. of course i still share photos of my toddler dressed like a super hero and my preschooler off to her first day of school, but are you using it to all of its advantages?

maybe this is all stuff you know already, or maybe this will be really helpful! once upon a time i was a blogger just starting to stretch my legs beyond blogging for grandma and grandpa and was itching for helpful information to push me along - well, here it is!

if i wasn't so passionate about my path to become a doula, i could totally see myself in some sort of social networking position with a company. so to fuel my interest in all things "social" i am happy to answer any questions or post more about what exactly i have picked up along the way. thanks for reading!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

i will be back i promise!

ok, i haven't forgotten about my blog - we have just been really busy with school starting again, colds, getting ready for the baby, the blog redesign and more!

the redesign is well under way i can't wait to show it to you guys, hopefully by next week! i have a handful of posts half finished i want to try and get up this or next week as well as the nursery reveal and how it took a different turn!

with only about six-ish weeks left of this pregnancy, not only am i extra tired but it is crunch time to get things done to prepare for him and that well, i just probably won't get around to after he is here.

so, until then! click through the archives and see what i was talking about before you became a reader!

Friday, September 7, 2012

a squash? how fitting for fall.

How far along: twenty nine + thirty + thirty-one weeks!
How big is baby: see above
Total weight gain: not available.
Maternity clothes: yes, of course - there is no denying thr fact now that well, nothing fits.
Sleep: it comes and goes - i am a little suprised at how well i am doing compared to my daily 3am wake ups with stella. the fact that i have never been more exhausted in my life by 6p
Best moment these weeks: passed my glucose test!
Gender: for sure a boy! i had my normal thirty week freak out that maybe they were wrong, but boy was confirmed again with a great ultrasound i had a few weeks ago. he is not shy at all!
Craving: plums, candy corn, and fresh green beans.
Movement: tons! he flips and gets hiccups and has found my ribs!
Labor Signs: i have had a few real contractions, nothing to worry about but i for sure take notice of.
Belly Button in or out: flat and it really freaks tim out, ha.
Stretch marks: i don't even want to talk about it anymore.
What I miss: our baby shower baby-q on saturday, nothing super formal but more a chance to celebrate and hang out with our friends before little man is here in a couple of months.
What I am looking forward to: my bi-weekly chiropractor appointment. i might have to make it daily here soon, it is the only thing that gives me any sort of relief from all of the pain i am in, boo.
Milestones: we are well into the third trimester! just trying to get through these last eight weeks or so before i have my little man in my arms.

wow, so i totally managed to skip over week twenty-nine and didn't even take the obligatory bathroom instagram picture, whoops!

i am so so so so so so so, so tired these days! it was like a light switch - one day i was full of so much energy and was nesting like crazy, my house was so clean, then the next i was dead on my feet and have stayed that way since. i hate to whine, but w-h-i-n-e, everything hurts: my legs, my pelvis, the pulled muscles in the top of my belly, my ribs, my boobs, everything.

we are pretty much ready for this little boy! i just need to pick up some swaddling blankets, pacifiers, and disposable diapers to get us through the cord falling off phase and we are ready to go. although his room is mostly done, i have slowed down quite a bit. one because i am tired and two because i had a little pep talk with myself about how having it done before he got here really wasn't that important. oh, and we have a name and love it!

i see my midwife twice a month now and last appointment she tried to scare the crap out of me telling me he was breech, which i was positive she was wrong, but still. two more appointments and we are going every week - this is so nuts to me that we are already here, he will probably be here in the next seven weeks, i had all the girls right about the same time.

so, stay tuned till thirty-three-ish weeks!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

i don't think i'll ever be "done."

it is weird, that moment when you realize that this is your last pregnancy, birth, baby, moment of becoming a mother again. a post a good friend wrote the other day has had my head spinning about this, you heard me talk about trying to decide if we wanted to even go ahead with number four, then suddenly our hearts were screaming to add another little soul to this family, but there is no question that this will be our last.

i think this all being said, is why i feel propelled into seeking the most natural, painful, yet fulfilling birth i can possibly get - i owe it to myself to really experience the miracle without anything dulling it down or taking away little moments from me. not that any of my three previous births were bad, or didn't move my heart, or were lacking, but they just happened.

and to think, that a son is joining our lives, a whole new and amazing experience in itself. i was terrified to think that i could be carrying a boy - i have raised three girls, i know girls, but a boy? now, he isn't even here yet and i can't picture life without him. constantly day dreaming about who he will be, what he will look like, how he will literally complete this family by becoming its sixth member.

oh to be a mother of four - i know you look at me like i am crazy, but i feel, in my bones this is exactly god's plan for me and my family. he would never give me more then he thought i could handle. 

i think i waited the perfect amount of time between zoe and rowan, four whole years gave me the perfect opportunity to ease into motherhood and get to know myself in this new role, and get to know my daughter over and over before adding to my family. stella came two and a half years after our blonde, and while we were terrified at how rowan would handle it, everyone adjusted perfectly into that new normal, and now they are the best of friends. stella and her little brother will be the same amount apart, once i tested the waters of sibling spacing i was ok with doing it this close again. while stella is my most difficult crazy fun loving toddler to date, she also thrives tremendously on having her siblings around and i truly feel this will be no different - just thank god she is potty trained already!

i am ready to become a mother again, i am not ready for it to be the last time, but i am too. i am ready for my kids to grow and flourish and build their relationships as siblings. i am ready to live our life as a family of six.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

the cat is out of the bag - big hi, baby news!

well, i woke up this morning to comments that my blog was no where to be found - upon my own search i was almost in tears at the same result. yesterday is when my domain renews and it is suppose to be a automatic thing but somehow it didn't happen. i tried relentlessly to retrieve my url and make sure the payment was made but got no where with a bunch of messages that basically said, "sorry url is taken" yea thanks, it should be taken by me! it appears someone might have stolen it out from underneath here is what i think of can have it!

as i had mentioned on our facebook page earlier last month - hi, baby would be in a state of big changes soon! while this isn't the way i wanted to make the the transition i guess we are here. so, please update your bookmarks and readers to include our new home, while it rains at

with my babies getting older, we were out growing hi, baby. a name coined for a phrase used often when stella was first born, she is almost three now! while it rains is fitting for the direction we are headed as a blog and our location in lovely seattle. while of course i will continue to talk about parenting woes and poop, i want to feature more crafts, tutorials, house progress, educational posts on things like breastfeeding and carseats, and more - all things that are perfect activities for a rainy washington day!

please bear with us as we transition, it will still be a short while before you see anymore "official" changes, look and title wise, but this morning we got forced into a url change a little sooner then expected so we'll start here.

i am hoping that most of my followers have me pinned on a reader or follow through gfc because even if you type in unfortunately it will not redirect you to here. so spread the word and keep reading for more updates soon!


Monday, September 3, 2012

the sad sad truth...

for almost two months my house stayed spotless, like ready for a magazine shoot clean, i obviously was nesting like crazy. then like a light switch, i barely have enough energy to get past making the toddler breakfast in the morning and on my list of daily "to-dos", well...blogging was the first to go.

i have a million things i want to share, write, edit, post, but i literally am dreaming of a nap right now as i type this out. two days ago, i either pulled a muscle in the top my belly or a muscle adhesion is breaking up - no matter how you spin it, i currently feel like my belly is ripping from my body. it is time to break out the pregnancy support belt and my movement will lessen even more.

i must look like i am about to explode too, because i constantly have checkers asking if i am going to deliver on their conveyer belt or creepy old men with crazy beards in home depot talking to me about why summer is the worst time to deliver and his guesstimate at where in the third trimester i look like i am, side eye.

my head is still spinning that i am even far enough along to be feeling this way, but i am - thirty-one weeks this week puts us at about sevenish weeks till baby, can you even believe it?

in between naps and pre-k prep i will be back, eventually, to tell you about how our whole family (even stella!) now sees an amazing chiropractor and how it has been amazing for us, two and half years later with extended rear facing, an overdue pregnancy update, things about the boy, a diy and review, and more. i can't wait!

till then bear with me as i navigate these last few weeks of pregnancy and the crazyness that is our life right now!

happy labor day!