Friday, September 7, 2012

a squash? how fitting for fall.

How far along: twenty nine + thirty + thirty-one weeks!
How big is baby: see above
Total weight gain: not available.
Maternity clothes: yes, of course - there is no denying thr fact now that well, nothing fits.
Sleep: it comes and goes - i am a little suprised at how well i am doing compared to my daily 3am wake ups with stella. the fact that i have never been more exhausted in my life by 6p
Best moment these weeks: passed my glucose test!
Gender: for sure a boy! i had my normal thirty week freak out that maybe they were wrong, but boy was confirmed again with a great ultrasound i had a few weeks ago. he is not shy at all!
Craving: plums, candy corn, and fresh green beans.
Movement: tons! he flips and gets hiccups and has found my ribs!
Labor Signs: i have had a few real contractions, nothing to worry about but i for sure take notice of.
Belly Button in or out: flat and it really freaks tim out, ha.
Stretch marks: i don't even want to talk about it anymore.
What I miss: our baby shower baby-q on saturday, nothing super formal but more a chance to celebrate and hang out with our friends before little man is here in a couple of months.
What I am looking forward to: my bi-weekly chiropractor appointment. i might have to make it daily here soon, it is the only thing that gives me any sort of relief from all of the pain i am in, boo.
Milestones: we are well into the third trimester! just trying to get through these last eight weeks or so before i have my little man in my arms.

wow, so i totally managed to skip over week twenty-nine and didn't even take the obligatory bathroom instagram picture, whoops!

i am so so so so so so so, so tired these days! it was like a light switch - one day i was full of so much energy and was nesting like crazy, my house was so clean, then the next i was dead on my feet and have stayed that way since. i hate to whine, but w-h-i-n-e, everything hurts: my legs, my pelvis, the pulled muscles in the top of my belly, my ribs, my boobs, everything.

we are pretty much ready for this little boy! i just need to pick up some swaddling blankets, pacifiers, and disposable diapers to get us through the cord falling off phase and we are ready to go. although his room is mostly done, i have slowed down quite a bit. one because i am tired and two because i had a little pep talk with myself about how having it done before he got here really wasn't that important. oh, and we have a name and love it!

i see my midwife twice a month now and last appointment she tried to scare the crap out of me telling me he was breech, which i was positive she was wrong, but still. two more appointments and we are going every week - this is so nuts to me that we are already here, he will probably be here in the next seven weeks, i had all the girls right about the same time.

so, stay tuned till thirty-three-ish weeks!


melissa rohr said...

I cannot believe we are 31 weeks! Only a couple weeks & we're 8 months... and baby is almost full term! :) I am so excited to meet both our babies.

melissa rohr said...

i know, it is so crazy! this pregnancy FLEW by!

melissa rohr said...

You are an extremely cute preggo! Wish I'd taken the weekly pics. Too late now... she's 3 months old. ;)