Tuesday, September 25, 2012

#dailyrowanprekphoto take two

as of last week rowan is officially back to preschool, this time in the pre-k class, since well, next year she goes to kindergarten - insert major denial here. i cried real tears when she found her name tag right away without the help of her teacher and then didn't even demand a hug like she did every day last year. i just stood and watched my almost five year old scamper off to a table full of her friends and start chatting away.

i can't even stand how grown up she looks in those photos up there, where is all of this time fleeting off to in such a hurry? she writes her name, out of order albeit, and tells her teacher her hair is banana colored since this year our favorite color is obviously yellow. she hangs up her back pack and doesn't run out into the parking lot like a maniac when we pull up in the afternoon and she remembers other things from her day besides what the snack was. then the moment i died? a little boy-friend who she knew from last year sprinted up to her with a piece of paper, "rowan, rowan! here is my mommy's phone number so you can call me sometime and we can get together." slow down little boy, slow down.

because we opted for the four day a week class this year, our only option was a pm class. this has us all out of whack, even to the point where i have to set a alarm to remember to get her, since otherwise i would probably just as easily assume she was upstairs napping with stella. let's not even talk about the constant battle to keep stella awake to and from drop-off so that i can throw her down for nap and pray she actually takes one. she usually wins though with a fifteen second car nap that screws the rest of the day, whine.

of course i am back at it with the #dailyrowanprekphoto and i can't wait to turn them into something fun again at the end of the year. the slideshow was great but i really had my heart set on a little photo book, but after browsing through the photos, most taken on my old iphone 3, i decided the quality wasn't up to par. this year i am paying a lot more attention to detail and skipping any filters. it is especially hard working with our favorite spot to take the photo and the sun being in a completely different place then when we were leaving at nine am. to edit, i use vsco cam to up the exposure and crop then snapseed to fine tune with sharpening and saturation. then, before i send off to intsagram (olive_juiced) i usually pop it into squaready to give it a neat look.

so, make sure and follow along with us on instagram and watch her change before your eyes! and, pass the tissues.