Tuesday, September 25, 2012

do you follow?

now that i am well on my way with this new url, name, and look i wanted to draw your attention to those flashy buttons up there in the corner. while it rains is making it a priority to utilize many social networking platforms to make sure we never skip a beat on getting posts and news out to you!

one of my favorite changes recently has been the introduction of a facebook page for the blog - it has been a lot of fun integrating my posts with other useful information i find around the interwebs as well as sharing sales i find, photos of my kids, fun questions with you guys, and more throughout the day. do you follow while it rains on facebook yet? make sure and do so today! i am cooking up a fun giveaway when we hit a certain number of followers over there, so you won't want to miss out!

on top of the facebook page, i stay very active with instagram - having upgraded finally from my old old iphone 3 and finding apps that fit my editing styles i have been having a lot of fun posting photos of my kids and their weird antics throughout the day. if you want to find us over there we are under olive_jucied. twitter, you tube, and rss are all other ways you can stay dialed in with our going-ons, just hit the fun social media ions up above there in the right corner and we'll get you all set up.