Friday, September 28, 2012

from the vault :: build a fort kit

i can't believe it has already been a year since i made this fun gift for my oldest! well, i am at it again as we have a very special birthday coming up and i knew it would be the perfect gift for us to give - and so easy to make!

i wanted to re-post this, in case you missed it the first time and this time i even included downloadable tags for you if you want to try your hand at this fun diy. 

you really can't go wrong with this project - whether you are up for investing a more money in new sheets and fancy reinforcement tools or would rather gather items from around your home, i promise it will be the talk of the party. 

my kids still spend hours building forts with this kit, a different one every time as the tools included and the extra sewn on loops provide many ways that you can work with the materials.

just go ahead and right click to save the images - should print up to a full sheet of copy paper or adjust sizes to fit whatever your needs are. i usually print the inside build material and reinforcment tags one half to a quarter the size of the outside tag.

i took my image files to staples and right there they printed the sizes i wanted, cut, and laminated them for me for a super affordable price. when i got home i used some grommets i already had laying around to add stability and a fun look to the tag!
zoe's fort in a bag = best gift i have ever given. ever.

pretty easy too, and chances are? if you invite us to your birthday party we will probably bring one of these bad boys as our gift - every kids dream come true!

first, i tracked down my supplies...a flat sheet here and there (this proved to be difficult since goodwill/value village was trying to charge me $9.99+ for anything that was cute and vintage, boo on you goodwill, boo on you.) i could have probably easily made a bag to hold it all but i was running out of time and i was able to find a very inexpensive laundry bag. Finally, tim scored me a big bag of plastic spring clips at lowes that came in all sizes, he also picked up a flashlight to complete the set.
to get started, i knew right away i wanted to dye the laundry bag - it was white and i was positive it wouldn't stay that way for long with how much use this set was facing by zoe. this was my first time ever using rit dye so it was really up in the air how it would turn out - it came out kind of purple when i was shooting for a light grey, but i didn't have time to stress about it and moved on.
next, i outfitted the sheets with loops and ties - even with the clips i gave her this option to just slip over a chair or tie somewhere easily. i added six loops/ties on the corners and in the middle of the long sides. to do this i just laid out one of tim's old tees and used my rotary cutter to slice 1.5 inch pieces. when the pieces were cut i stretched them out to give them the look they have now. while sewing them on i criss-crossed the middle and sewed in an 'x' to provide support.
as the finishing touch, i opened up trusty photoshop to whip up a tag for the outside bag, i was so inlove with how it turned out i didn't stop there - i made two more for various contents on the inside.

zoe was over the moon christmas morning and couldn't wait to build her first fort - she did a great job and used every piece, even the rope! this gift is such a win!

i think in the end i spent $25 - which is hilarious since all of the tutorials i read to prepare gushed about $15 totals and so on...i thought we did it pretty frugally and still spent a lot more, hmmm.
i would love to hear if you make one!


mylittlehome6 said...

With 3 boys I may need to do this. Do you happen to have a photo of it when its set up? I'm a visual person lol

melissa rohr said...

I don't on here but if you are set up with Instagram I think I may have posted a couple of their creations on there ;) you can find me at olive_juiced !! Maybe I need to start a ew feature on here of what they build!