Friday, September 21, 2012

halloween :: diy costumes!

sources: owlpeacock. pirate.
it's that time of year again! tomorrow marks the first day of fall and while we have had our little one's costumes picked out since last december, that doesn't mean i haven't been drooling over these future ideas.

these days with the quality of store costumes at a all time low and lacking major creativity, i head straight to or pinterest to get ideas for some one of a kind costumes for my girls to wear. thankfully, they have yet to beg for too many years of sparkly belle costumes, like we opted for a few years ago, and are easily talked into more custom looking costumes like stella's snow white costume from last year or her minnie mouse costume hanging in the closet for this year.

while i still try and decide if i need to pre-plan a costume for the boy, who just might be here before halloween, i wanted to share with you some of my favorite diy costumes i have seen around the web these days. you know my favorite part? most of these could be whipped up with things around the house or a quick and inexpensive trip to the fabric store!

stella was almost a homemade owl last year before we opted for her adorable handmade snow white costume instead - when i first started looking this was the first tutorial i pinned, i loved that it was so detailed and amazing but looked like something, that with the help of one of my sewing genius friends, i could whip it up no problem. i am totally dying over this peacock costume! while costume feeds tend to get bombarded with the many options the tulle tutu holds, i love that this costume takes it to another level, this site offers a great and photo detailed tutorial on how you could make this yourself! only have a few hours to pull together the perfect costume for your toddler? well, check out this no sew pirate costume! with just a few quick cuts on some bright striped fabric, some old jeans, and a few scrap pieces of felt you have yourself a adorable classic costume!
sources: viking. rag dolls.
still need some ideas? check out some other tutorials that totally wow'd me on my search!

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what are your little ones going to be this year? rowan is going to be eloise, the famous plaza hotel resident trouble-maker; stella is minnie mouse, her current hero; and the verdict is still out on zoë but i know she has been leaning toward a labyrinth character, like bowie perhaps? if our little man is still held up inside i might opt for one of these hilarious preggo zombie ideas, ok that would be gross, but so clever!