Monday, September 24, 2012

i think i love our chiropractor!

if we had talked eight months ago about the chiropractor, i would have brushed you off. the sheer idea of cracking my anything terrified me and i never gave the practice a second thought. plus, only people that get in car accidents go to one right?

fast forward to this pregnancy, my fourth pregnancy, one that has proven time and time again to be the polar opposite of anything i had experienced with the first three. enter, major sciatic nerve issues and terrible hip/pelvic pain. i had heard of this sciatic nerve thing being a literal pain in pregnancy but had never experienced it myself - i was desperate! as usual our doula was ready and willing to lead me in the right direction and that was straight to a local god, i mean chiropractor.

my initial consultation revealed a lot of what i expected, it was obvious i had never taken care of my body in this way before and pregnancy was really screwing with me. my hips were turned, my weight distribution was off, i was standing quite a bit taller on one foot, and in my natural stance my right foot was unnaturally turning out. we couldn't do x-rays because, obviously, but i am sure that would have shown even more going on that was visible on the outside.

after that i headed out to a table, i had already confessed, almost in tears how terrified i was, not necessarily about my back (that feels good when tim pops it), but my neck, all i could do was picture it breaking. remember, i am a crazy hormonal pregnant lady. so he started feeling around, asking me random questions about painting and my tattoos and BAM! just like that my first neck adjustment was over, and you know what? i lived and felt great. my hips and back followed, and of course for the first time in weeks i slept like a baby that night. no crying at 3am because my sciatic was alternately shooting down each leg and my hips were throbbing no matter what position i tried to get comfortable in. i was hooked.

let me stop here for a sec and recognize that you probably already know all this, you probably live or die by chiropractic care, but just maybe i have one reader, one who is pregnant and in the same pain that doesn't know about the awesomness yet and now, you're welcome my dear.

now, the real reason i wanted your attention on this otherwise boring post, is to talk about kids and chiropractic care. i already had been exploring craniosacral options for after my son is here to promote good nursing by correcting the trama that occurs during birth to their little bodies. but, i had never considered what it could do for the girls. stella had fallen down the stairs a few days before and during normal play would stop and hold her lower back and tell me it hurt. this was a huge red flag for me, for a toddler who otherwise has a difficult time communicating her feelings, was clearly telling me she was in pain. i knew i would get the brush off from a doctor so i took her straight into my new favorite place, the chiro.

she did so well, climbed up on the table without fear and held real still while he felt around and got to know the issues. her back was off and with a quick adjustment to that, her hips, and a little one in her neck we were on our way. instantly, she stood up, pointed to her back and exclaimed "fixed!" it was hilarious and eye opening at the same time. the following week i didn't hear one peep out of her about her back and even discovered something interesting, that until i investigated it farther did not realize was affected by your spinal going ons - her bowel movements, turn away if you must, but since stella was potty trained her poops have been weird - small, irregular, and seemed to be cut short. since seeing the chiropractor, as in literally her next one after, she has been completely normal and regular! all back issues aside, this was huge! 

still wide eyed in amazement i marched rowan right in for her own adjustment, just because. i got to talking to the doctor and learned it is a really good idea to get kids adjusted regularly, like once or twice a year at least, and more if you have really clumsy kids like mine who are always falling down or jumping of the couch like maniacs. this was confirmed to me, the more people i brought it up to. what rock was i living under? 

a lot of chiropractors believe it can be helpful/has been proven effective in treating ear problems, colic, sleep troubles, constipation, eczema, low immunity, bed wetting and more. i of course would never rely only on this type of care to cure my children of all illness, but i love that it stands for keeping our bodies healthy and in good shape in a good holistic way.

now the whole family sees the chiropractor, tim and i regularly, him for long time issues of a curved spine and me for my ailing pregnant body. we were huge believers from the first crack and are glad we found a office we are all so comfortable at, i mean there is even a giant great dane that runs around visiting patients while they wait! i can't wait till i hit thirty-seven weeks and we can start working to ready my hips and pelvis for a quick and easy delivery, i have totaly confidence this will make a world of difference.

so, my question to you is - would you ever take your child to the chiropractor?


melissa rohr said...

We had Zane adjusted when he was just a few weeks old and his sleeping changed drastically! It was amazing... he went from moving around constantly and obviously uncomfortable to sleeping soundly every night & all the way through the night!! So I would highly recommend taking your little man in a few weeks after he's here. We are for sure taking Lilah in around 3 or 4 weeks & of course for me to see him after I've had the little lady mess me up royally! he he! But seriously I love our Chiropractor so much... he is amazing and he totally works hard to make sure we leave feeling good. Once you try it you will never go back to not seeing a chiropractor! I recommend it to everyone!

melissa rohr said...

Wow, this sounds great! I'm glad you've found a solution for your pain. My fourth pregnancy was by far my most painful - I had some pretty awful pubic bone/pelvic pain too. It got bad enough that some mornings I could barely walk! Not a good thing when you have 3 other kiddos to take care of. :( I really wish now that I'd thought to get myself to a chiropractor! Now I find myself wondering if a visit would help my youngest - she's just a few months away from turning 3, and still has some sleep issues...

mylittlehome6 said...

Love the chiropractor. My son started etting ear infections constantly. As soon as one was treated he had another. Not even kidding every 3-4 week's we were back in for another dose of antibiotics. Even with probiotics it was killing the good flora off and he was catching everything. It got to the point after 4 months that they wanted to put tubes in. No way Jose I was off to the chiropractor. 3 adjustments, triple dose of probiotics for a few weeks and he has never had another ear infection. This newest baby will be going to see one asap and throughout this pregnancy I will be getting adjustments for back/hip pain and migraines. I swear by chiropractic care!

melissa rohr said...

We love our chiro! Jemma was adjusted shortly after she was born and Max just had his first adjustment. Makes a world of difference!