Thursday, September 27, 2012


just when you thought this family of nearly six couldn't get any more crazy town, we went and adopted a dog. that brings us up to almost four kiddos, a cat, three fish, and a man child of a husband.

it was like second nature bringing lucy home with us, we had planned on adopting a yellow lab by next summer, then a opportunity came up and we seized it. we opted to take her now versus later after the baby comes because i would rather be fully adjusted to her and her to us before baby boy comes rather then the opposite.

lucy is about nine-ish months old and is a pure bred yellow lab. stella is her biggest fan but has to fight tim for some good "gog-ie" time. stella has always loved dogs and never had a ounce of fear if they were bigger then her - these two are currently perfecting a game that involves running across the house over and over, usually with each pass stella lays on the floor and shrieks in joy while lucy licks whatever breakfast remnants might be on stella. it is adorable and means fifteen minutes of silence after because everyone is tired from the running.

it took some experimenting and patience to get her used to our much smaller, gravel and patio back yard and learning how she was escaping the first couple of days. currently, she still goes every where with us in the car - partially because the kids love having her sit between them in the van and partially because i am terrified what might happen to my house if i leaver her, i am getting over this pretty fast though.

lucy sleeps on her back sometimes and has dreams that involve barking at something. she snores and is constantly on a mission to get our weary cat to play with her. stella is always shouting at her to sit when she is already sitting and is ready and willing to throw her ball for her, a whole foot and a half.

there is dog hair everywhere, the part i forgot about, but i just ordered a highly reviewed handheld pet vac that should help save my sanity. i mean the cat is no saint in the category either.

the girls think it is funny to turn lucy's ear inside out and tim is trying to convince her, her name is lulu.

if you sit on the floor, she is in your lap.

we are looking forward to many years and many memories with lucy. i can't believe we got a dog, we're nuts, but now that she has been here for a week we can't imagine life without her!

so, i'll leave you with this morning's version of "run around like maniacs at 8am":


Discovery Street said...

We almost got a second dog before baby came...but we refrained mostly bc our backyard is tiny and we really need more space....but if it weren't for that we would've had 2! Lucy is adorable!

melissa rohr said...

love the "man child of a husband" i have one of those too! he's the hardest of them all (:!

melissa rohr said...

Dogs are the best. We are struggling with whether or not we should get one now or wait it out until the kids are older.

melissa rohr said...

haha, i think it is one of those things your damned if you do or if you don't. there are def benefits to waiting and doing it when they were young :) we were gonna wait a little longer originally but like i said the opportunity came up and it felt right so we went for it :)

melissa rohr said...

haha, don't we all, don't we all... :)