Thursday, September 20, 2012

our baby essentials

since we're onto baby number four, i would like to be able to say that we really didn't have to buy anything to get ready, but really we did, and it sucked. having to factor that we were now adding a boy after three pink loving girls and that prior to buying this house, a year ago this week, we lived in smallish apartments with little to no storage for carseats and jumparoos.

luckily, after you have had three babies you have a lot better of a sense of what you really need in those first few weeks with your little one and you can really spare yourself the huge costs. i promise you don't need the highchair you registered before baby comes, he will forgive you since he won't sit in it for about six months.

tim deals well with lists, it is easier for him to see where i am coming from on wants versus needs if i write it out and we stick to it, so i got very specific. we bought a carseat mere weeks after we found out we were pregnant - i came across an amazing deal for a maxi cosi carseat on amazon and didn't even hesitate to hit purchase. when the same type of deal rolled around on the stroller we were set on, i cashed in on a gift from my dad.

car seat
4 muslin swaddling blankets
10-12 simple and soft baby outfits
3-4 pairs of pajamas
2-4 hats, cotton and knit
2 crib sheets
breast pump
pump essentials - shields and membranes
new nursing bra
24 infant prefolds
4-6 thirsties diaper covers
6-8 bumgenius freestyle and elemental aio's
soaps and lotions
belly and hip binder for postpartum
1-2 packs of newborn disposables

i traded in bins and bins of the most adorable, thoughtfully picked out little girl clothes for a credit at my local consignment shop, where i continually check to see if anything new is in. i chose to forgo things like a blue boppy cover, i think our son will forgive me if i continue to use my beloved velour pink one. while i own a breast pump, it is currently lent out to my nursing sister who is pregnant again, so i scoured my facebook swap sites till i got an amazing deal. luckily i had held onto my hundreds of bottle, tubes, valves, and more.

my sister who is pregnant again, due in february won't need her fancy, plug in, swing until well after we are done with it, so we opted to borrow that one over forking out too much money for the mamaroo i had been drooling over. i had already talked about the very few purchases, swaps, and deals i had scored to start to pull together this little mans nursery and we were blown away when the most generous gifts for our baby shower, from tim's work friend showed up in our mailbox - several sets of gorgeous organic sheets and the cradle bedding from our amazon registry. speaking of his nursery - we did a quick blitz on our plans to fit the growing pains of our house and soon to be four kids, i can't wait to share the reveal with you soon!

we updated our video monitor and shopped a lot of gap sales. in my head i am picturing my boy in a lot of soft cottons and stripes, gap was a go to for this and i can't get over how well their clothes fit and hold up. when it came to the monitor, i originally set out to find a good one that would work well for viewing over my iphone and tim's android but after digging through review after review, i couldn't settle on one that would work in our price range, so i opted to buy a hand held one that has been tried and loved by my sister in law.

although, always found on the "unnecessary lists" we already own a wipes and bottle warmer from way back when i had rowan - i will argue that we love our wipes warmer! you can simply pop the plastic top of a kirkland wipes pack and with a little water at the bottom of the warmer, set the plastic bag part of the wipes in and voila, a warm tush that warrants a few less screams at diaper time. we have a baby bath, pack and play sheets, carseat "sleeping bag" as i like to call it, and gender neutral swaddle wraps with the handy snaps and velcro. we we also have a pack and play and a cradle for a couple of options for our newborn to sleep in.

i have been collecting baby carriers like mad, what can i say? i am obsessed. we will have many to choose from with a mei tei, a woven wrap, ring sling, regular sling, moby type stretch wrap, and a ergo with the infant insert.

outside of "things" we needed to collect, we had some other costs that included our doula and placenta encapsulation which ran us about $500 total. these services were very important to me from the get go and i can't wait to share more with you about why we chose these paths!

the list above doesn't seem too scary, right? i have included exact link to what and where we bought each item in case you are looking for ideas or good deals. i can honestly say we are officially ready for this baby! other then a run to trader joes, days before he comes for birth center rations, we have purchased everything we need for him. there are a couple of more items i opted to borrow over buy, since i knew we would use them for such a short time and not worth investing in, since i promise there will be no more little people joining this family after our son, haha.

what baby items can you not live without? either before they come or a little after?


melissa rohr said...

I absolutely adore your new blog layout!! Who did it? Great job!!

melissa rohr said... thanks!! i am super happy with how it turned out! time for a new chapter :)