Tuesday, September 4, 2012

the cat is out of the bag - big hi, baby news!

well, i woke up this morning to comments that my blog was no where to be found - upon my own search i was almost in tears at the same result. yesterday is when my domain renews and it is suppose to be a automatic thing but somehow it didn't happen. i tried relentlessly to retrieve my url and make sure the payment was made but got no where with a bunch of messages that basically said, "sorry url is taken" yea thanks, it should be taken by me! it appears someone might have stolen it out from underneath me...so here is what i think of that...you can have it!

as i had mentioned on our facebook page earlier last month - hi, baby would be in a state of big changes soon! while this isn't the way i wanted to make the the transition i guess we are here. so, please update your bookmarks and readers to include our new home, while it rains at


with my babies getting older, we were out growing hi, baby. a name coined for a phrase used often when stella was first born, she is almost three now! while it rains is fitting for the direction we are headed as a blog and our location in lovely seattle. while of course i will continue to talk about parenting woes and poop, i want to feature more crafts, tutorials, house progress, educational posts on things like breastfeeding and carseats, and more - all things that are perfect activities for a rainy washington day!

please bear with us as we transition, it will still be a short while before you see anymore "official" changes, look and title wise, but this morning we got forced into a url change a little sooner then expected so we'll start here.

i am hoping that most of my followers have me pinned on a reader or follow through gfc because even if you type in hibabyblog.com unfortunately it will not redirect you to here. so spread the word and keep reading for more updates soon!



melissa rohr said...

can't wait to see the new changes!

melissa rohr said...

Eek - too frustrating! Although, I love the new title :) Can't wait to see the updates!

melissa rohr said...

thanks!! i just wish the dang thing would redirect - i am stressed on how people will find me, boo.

melissa rohr said...

whileitrains showed up in my blogger feed automatically. That's a good thing at least! I love the title. Glad you were heading for a change anyway. Could you imagine how much worse it would have been if you were more attached to keeping hibaby forever? Still, ouch. :(

melissa rohr said...

Congrats on the new digs! I love the look and the name!!!

melissa rohr said...