Monday, September 3, 2012

the sad sad truth...

for almost two months my house stayed spotless, like ready for a magazine shoot clean, i obviously was nesting like crazy. then like a light switch, i barely have enough energy to get past making the toddler breakfast in the morning and on my list of daily "to-dos", well...blogging was the first to go.

i have a million things i want to share, write, edit, post, but i literally am dreaming of a nap right now as i type this out. two days ago, i either pulled a muscle in the top my belly or a muscle adhesion is breaking up - no matter how you spin it, i currently feel like my belly is ripping from my body. it is time to break out the pregnancy support belt and my movement will lessen even more.

i must look like i am about to explode too, because i constantly have checkers asking if i am going to deliver on their conveyer belt or creepy old men with crazy beards in home depot talking to me about why summer is the worst time to deliver and his guesstimate at where in the third trimester i look like i am, side eye.

my head is still spinning that i am even far enough along to be feeling this way, but i am - thirty-one weeks this week puts us at about sevenish weeks till baby, can you even believe it?

in between naps and pre-k prep i will be back, eventually, to tell you about how our whole family (even stella!) now sees an amazing chiropractor and how it has been amazing for us, two and half years later with extended rear facing, an overdue pregnancy update, things about the boy, a diy and review, and more. i can't wait!

till then bear with me as i navigate these last few weeks of pregnancy and the crazyness that is our life right now!

happy labor day!