Wednesday, September 19, 2012

social networks :: making them work for you.

i wanted to talk a little bit about how i personally use twitter, instagram, pinterest, my facebook page, and more. at blogher we ended up at a lunch table where a left over sign from a a previous "birds of a feather" session had taken place - a opportunity for like minded curious people to sit and converse on certain topics. this wasn't meant for us, but it sparked a conversation on how emily and i use twitter, if it really is necessary in blogging, and the conversation eventually drifted into the use of instagram and its relevancy to blogging. it felt empowering that i could answer these womens questions with good well rounded reasoning, without ever really putting much though it to it before - it was something i just did.

i like to leverage many social networking platforms as extensions of my blogging. really, as extensions of my right hand, since these things are all ways i can make social networking do work for my blogging right from my phone, even on the go. i have been on twitter for a few years now, and while my devotion to it comes and goes, it is a quick and easy way to spread news or ask questions - what are the rules on brown boots with black leggings these days? same with instagram, i have more followers actively staying up to date on my going-ons there, then i might on the blog - i have a give away going on? i screen shot hi, baby. and post it there, drawing in a ton of attention that would have otherwise been missed.

on twitter, i blast links to my newest posts to keep people who might not have hi, baby. saved in their reader, up to date on our going-ons. i integrate tweets with links into giveaways as entires, to help reach an audience i might not normally and most business that get involved with hi, baby. on sponsored posts, like to see new followers too - so i add in "following" as a required step in entering one of my contests. when i am getting ready to dive into a particular topic, i reach out to my followers for advice, a quick survey, or if they would like to chime in on the post topic. i honestly haven't put to much effort into growing my followers on twitter, they just seem to naturally build. i host a social icon on my blog so that people can easily find me and i remind them we are there from time to time in a post. i don't think twitter ruined blogging, i think it enhances it, as long as you utilize it to your advantage!

i am new to having a facebook page directly tied into my blog - now that i have been doing it for a couple of weeks, i really wonder what i was so scared of, i think it was just trying to stay on top of managing that on top of all the other social networking i am involved in. i am coming to find that one of the best things you can do for you "business" facebook page, is not only post about your own topics and going-ons, but link and share relevant content from other people you are reading too! blogging after all is a community and one that loves a little support from one another.

although instagram was started as a simple photo sharing secret club, it has grown into a platform of many facets - it is a shopping center, a giveaway host, a mirror, and more! personally, when i have a giveaway going on it i will photograph the item to entice my followers over to the blog to enter to win it. if i have a review coming up, like the one i am doing of a wall stencil, i will post photos of my progress to keep people excited and watching the blog for the actual review. of course i still share photos of my toddler dressed like a super hero and my preschooler off to her first day of school, but are you using it to all of its advantages?

maybe this is all stuff you know already, or maybe this will be really helpful! once upon a time i was a blogger just starting to stretch my legs beyond blogging for grandma and grandpa and was itching for helpful information to push me along - well, here it is!

if i wasn't so passionate about my path to become a doula, i could totally see myself in some sort of social networking position with a company. so to fuel my interest in all things "social" i am happy to answer any questions or post more about what exactly i have picked up along the way. thanks for reading!


melissa rohr said...

Love the new blog look. And that is a perfectly appropriate photo of you over there :)

melissa rohr said...

love this! well said :)

melissa rohr said...

thanks! haha, i know i was on the mad hunt for a new avatar and had a major ah-ha moment when i remembered that photo!