Thursday, October 25, 2012

and now, we wait.

i saw my midwives on tuesday, just like i do every tuesday, but this week i had an agenda. despite them urging that i don't really ask to be checked early...or at all, i was going to be. i knew things were in motion with my body even though they doubted me - didn't it say right there in my chart that all three of my previous pregnancies were delivered within days of this exact point in pregnancy?

asking to be "checked" really does nothing, or it does one of two things: it makes you feel defeated because you have dilated to nothing or, you find out you are at a three, but then you stay there for another three weeks. i still went through with it.

it is a funny thing though, i was seeing the midwife that  i had connected the least with and was sure couldn't be persuaded to do any checking or stripping, but she did.

i was at a generous four. the student midwife didn't even want to try for a exact feel because my cervix was so thin and soft she was positive she would burst my water bag if she tried too hard. then the not great news, his head was very high and could be pushed back up easily.  she went ahead and very lightly stripped my membranes, again being careful not to break my water, because when the head is high like that, not "plugging" the hole, cord prolapse can occur and this is very dangerous.

at the end of the appointment, the tone in the room was confidence that i would deliver soon and if not, tuesday next week, at my next appointment we would talk about breaking my water right there if he was low and engaged. wow.

i saw the chiropractor yesterday and while he worked on shaping my pelvis he also gently pushed the baby down into it. when i stood up, he was already noticeably lower. since, i have been working on a weird lift-leg move my midwife showed me, bouncing on my pilates ball, and other activities (wink wink).

this morning, more is happening, more things are in motion. i am not positive this mean labor is close, like within hours, but it means more waiting.

i am trying to stay busy super cleaning our bedroom, until this morning it housed a mountain of clean and dirty laundry, dishes, and mess. i plan on holding up in our room for at least a couple of days after we come home, so i want it to be clean, comfy, and inviting to those who are brave enough to visit with us in there. tonight i have a blogging event and tomorrow a epic halloween play date with my favorite blogging mommies - lots of things to keep my mind busy!

i'll leave you with this hilarious note my doula posted as she was expecting her second child:

No, I'm not in labor yet
But I'll let you know when I am.

There comes a time in every pregnancy (well, those that go close to term anyway), where the unfortunate mother is subjected to phone calls, emails, texts, FB messages, all asking the same thing - "Did you have that baby yet?" 

Now, let's forget the fact that in any other situation it would NOT be socially acceptable to ask a woman the state of her cervix, or if anything has fallen out of her vagina lately, That's besides the point. Let's focus on the emotional impact of such questions on the woman, who is 9 months pregnant and hormonally fragile.

Let's pretend that in the dark of night a vision comes to you - it might be a fairy, or an elf, or a hot guy in tight jeans, whatever...something shows up and announces the following: "Sometime in the next three weeks you will have one of the most amazing days of your life. It will be hard and scary and exhausting but amazing and miraculous and wonderful and when it's over your life will be forever changed. GUESS WHAT DAY?"

It's excruciating. The waiting is awful. The guessing. Will it be today? Was that a contraction? WHEN will I get to see my baby? Next to morning sickness, it's probably the worst part of pregnancy. So, as you can guess, the question "Did you have that baby yet?" isn't a favorite for a woman who has been creating life for the last nine months. 

So, I will NOT be entertaining that question, or any variation of it. Will not. I have set up a twitter page where I will be able to quickly and easily send updates so that no one has to guess. When I actually go into labor, I will repost the twitter account to FB so you can all see. I PROMISE. Also, I will give someone else access to the account to update for me in the event I cannot. Basically I've got you covered. 

Please, don't ask. If you ask once you will be placed on probation and your only potential for saving my friendship will be to arrive at the hospital after he is born with a Dick's Deluxe and Chocolate shake. You've been warned.


melissa rohr said...

AHH!! SO CLOSE!!! I'll be keeping you in my prayers! Come on, quick and easy! ;)

melissa rohr said...

Love that note from your doula! Hahaha. So true.

melissa rohr said...

I am so sad I can't come tomorrow and see you one more time before baby boy gets here. I'll be thinking about you and looking forward to the first pics of his gorgeous face!

melissa rohr said...

yea, you suck.

no just kidding! haha, i want to have a few people over after he is here!! we'll plan aroun dyour days off :)

melissa rohr said...

Yay!! This is all great news. :) If you make it to dinner tonight I promise I won't ask if you had the baby yet.

melissa rohr said...

Hilarious - your doula's note. I was four days late with my second but it went incredibly fast & different (and great) than my first (also a homebirth). And man, I really wanted to strangle everyone who kept asking me or telling me I look like I'm about to pop!

I'll be thinking of you and hope/wish/pray all the best for you - so here is to a happy & wonderful birthgiving day to you (and a lovely birthday to your baby).