Tuesday, October 23, 2012

#dailyrowanprekphoto :: september round-up

it is so fun to look back on these and see how much she is growing and changing! not just in looks, but it is crazy what a sponge she is this year, it makes me feel so confident about our choices when it comes to her pre-schooling. 

the weather is finally cooling down and she is getting to wear more of her back to school wardrobe and we're making some of the summer pieces work by sticking some leggings or long sleeves with them. now, that she misses nap almost everyday we are getting a lot more stink face in the photos as we head off to school after a long morning of playing and staying busy. it has been a interesting adjustment to have our days plan out this way.

i want to try and keep yup with a monthly round-up of the photos as we head off to school, we miss a day here and there for various reasons but i still end up with a lot at the end of the year!

haha, sometimes she looks twelve (and it is blowing my mind) and others my tiny little preschooler.