Tuesday, October 2, 2012

from the vault :: my first cloth diaper post ever

now that i am about to embark on cloth diapering my second child, a boy, a whole different experience in itself, i just had to look back at where my head was when i first started, and laugh at myself a little.

a lot of my friends and even my sister have started cloth diapering recently i an feel for them as they struggle to grasp exactly how big the world of cloth diapering and its choices are. the worst part? i feel even since i started a few years ago, all of the products and information has grown exponentially. the world has caught the bug!

it is like second nature here in our home so i love to help out anyway i can! even if that means sharing a post with you where i ramble, obviously confused myself -so enjoy!
so, on to the point...i dove head first into cloth diapering last night-go me! i made the decision about a month ago and it has taken me this long researching, talking to cd'ing friends, and comparing prices to make up my mind and press the order send button.

for my first order i didn't want to go to crazy, in case i hate it. i spent what we would on about two and a half months diapers-so i promised tim that i would without complaint give it a two and a half month try so that we wouldn't have wasted any money really.

after talking with my good friend who has recently started cd'ing, i decided that i would mostly go with the flip one size diaper. it got rave reviews, is adorable in color choices, and seems to be an all around basic but sturdy diaper. i am really bummed though, when i went back to place my order they were sold out of additional flip inserts until fall. so, all night it was back to the drawing board on what would be the next best option to work with the couple of different types of diapers that i picked.

in addition to the four flip diapers i bought-i also got three gdiapers, one bum genius, and a thirsties cover and 6 prefolds. for extra inserts (i ordered about nine) i went with the diaper shops micro terry inserts for medium to large size (which got good reviews and apparently work great with the flip) then there will be the two free one sizes they send me, their pick-but i have heard a lot of people got fuzzibunz, which is said to be a great diaper.

and i got ALL of this for $138.00! that's 11 diapers and 22 insides. which basically mean i will have to do laundry a lot less :) and that makes tim happy. https://www.kellyscloset.com/ seems to be an amazing place to purchase cd's. they have free shipping over $49 and reward perks-you get so many points for whatever amount you spend and then you can turn those points in for store credit. i am already half way to a $10 credit. then they offer free diapers with this and that if you are on their email or have diapershops on twitter or facebook.

side note, tim brought up that we were going to try cloth diapering to a buddy at work (why, i have no idea. what a guy conversation...right?) and he told tim that you have to do a bleach ghost wash after every diaper wash and that even with that he would still probably get pink eye. what the eff? so tim is really worried about this whole thing. but LOL, last night when he paid for the order he's like, 'anything to get you to stop talking me to death about cloth diapers and all their different perks.' in my defense i was just trying to make him feel better about the huge up front cost.

a huge selling point for him was that i choose to go with one sizes for now. meaning they will fit stella till potty training. i would like to eventually like to try fitted's and aio just for fun but for now will go with the less expensive choice.

i have also decided to stop using wipes, and go with wash cloths and reusable cloth wipes. i figure if i am throwing it all into a pail and washing it eventually, what's the difference?

don't get me wrong though, for a little while to start i will most likely use disposables for going out and trips-i am really not excited about the idea of lugging around wet heavy poopy diapers, especially when we are camping. that however is another reason why i choose the g and flip diaper, they have disposable inserts and an amazing price for quick easy changes.

i already have a cd'ing wish list going, and plan to add to our arsenal once i establish me and stella as cd'ing pros. i would defiantly like to try grobaby, kissaluvs (hello, adorable patterns!), and maybe happy heinys.
last night while tim and i were sitting on the patio we were discussing ways to make a drying line work in the small space and i started picturing my cloth diapers sunning on the line-i can't wait!

i am so ready to be one (more like hundreds) less diaper in a landfill a million years later.