Friday, October 19, 2012

full term, yea! full term, yea! full term, yea!

How far along: thirty-seven weeks and full term!
How big is baby: about 6lbs, my midwife is feeling.
Total weight gain: none since last week, we'll just leave it at that.
Maternity clothes: yep, and a lot of yoga pants and tim's tee shirts.
Sleep: really good when compared to how it was with stella. i think chasing after these two crazies all day guarantees me some good sleep. i'l take it!
Best moment these weeks: learning that he is head down when it sure felt like he was not anymore.
Gender: boy of course.
Movement: yep! but after i mentioned it had been strange over the weekend, i am officially instructed to count kicks. thank god there's a app for that, takes all of the guess work out of it.
Labor Signs: lots and lots of contractions and it literally feels like my water is bulging (sorry, over share).
Belly Button in or out: out, does that mean he is done?
Stretch marks: they look less and less like stretch marks the more i get stretched out.
What I miss: all of the yummy hard ciders right now!
What I am looking forward to: hoping he shows up this month!
Milestones: not a good one, but for the first time in four pregnancies i tested positive for group b strep, boo. this means i won't really be able to labor at home since my labors are so fast. also, there goes my hopes of not having any iv's - at least it is just a little butterfly one that as soon as i am done with the antibiotics, it comes out.

not much to report, other then we are totally ready for this little guy!

i will post monday about what i am packing for the birth center and in the mean time i am starting to walk, bounce, drink raspberry leaf tea, and will him out since we are full term!

when i brought up stripping my membranes to the midwives their response was that it probably wouldn't happen till after forty weeks. then i mentioned that at thirty-eighth with stella it is what sent my five centimeters into real labor, so the midwife said we'll talk about it again if we get to that point.

stay tuned!

this is me thirty-seven weeks pregnant with stella!


melissa rohr said...

Yay for full term!! He'll could be here any day now-- so exciting!