Wednesday, October 3, 2012

green living :: cloth napkins

i am glad i had nothing better to do today and kids who were trying to end me - it got me out of the house, to the craft store, and suddenly wanting to follow through on this green living step i had been wanting to take for awhile.

we go through paper towels like mad, i don't know why we never wise up and just buy napkins also but now i hope to move towards never buying either of those again! of course i called tim first, because you just never know with husbands what they'll be up for - it took me some bargaining to start cloth diapering. he was all for it and sounded like he couldn't wait to see what i came up with!

me and the girls picked out two yards of adorable fabrics to start with - thankfully flannel is inexpensive at about six dollars a yard. if we can see this one through i promise to head back and pick up a manly plaid or the one i saw with beer mugs on it for tim.

these were super easy to make and took me about four and half minutes each from start to finish. out of each yard i was able to cut eighteen at a six by six size. the end result is a little on the small side, so we'll see how these go over or i might make the next batch eight by eight.

i just laid my fabric out on my cutting mat and used a yard stick and rotary cutter to get some nice even squares. next, i put the face sides together and with about a quarter inch seam allowance went all the way around, leaving about a one inch gap for turning right side out.

before i flipped right side out i cut the corners - once all turned the right way i folded my open spot in and sewed a top stitch with about the same seam allowance - and presto!
the girls loved being a part of this process too, we talked about it while we shopped for the right flannel and when we got home they ate their lucy and we talked about why this would be good for our household and what kinds of things we need to do to keep the process going.

i even told tim that if this works out i would love to try an idea i saw on pinterest, where you make paper towel size napkins and add velcro or snaps to the edges so that you can attach them like a chain, then wrap them around your handy paper towel holder that every kitchen has - we'll see how that goes!

hey, and if this doesn't work out? these would always make adorable cloth wipes!


melissa rohr said...

these are so i really need to learn how to sew!

melissa rohr said...

these are so easy! haha, and even if it is your first sewing project - they're napkins so you don't have to worry of they look perfect :)

melissa rohr said...

We use cloth napkins - I shopped the thrift store and made the switch. Micro fiber towels then took the place of our paper towels. I was worried but it has been a few years and we have done it. Ours are not nearly as cute as yours though!!

melissa rohr said...

that is a really good idea! i was thinking next batch i make i might try a terry on one side so test the difference in absorbency - so far i am loving these though!