Thursday, October 18, 2012

mini woodland creature pies

i am always on the hunt for fun things we can do with our woodland creature cookie cutters from ikea. whether it be christmas ornaments or pancake molds, we have a major love affair with these cute little baking utensils.
then the other day, one of my favorite blogging mamas posted a photo on instagram of some mini star wars pies she was making to surprise her adorable son judah with and i was in awe! later when she posted a how-to on her blog my little mustache, i headed right out to the store for me and the girls to try our hand at this fun idea!

i bought pre made pie crusts from safeway and stole a bag full of smallish apples from my aunts tree to get started, then i pretty much followed jess's tutorial to a t but wanted to share it with you guys on here too!
i pulled out, peeled, and diced about six apples.
added four tablespoons of cinnamon, six tablespoons of flour, and half a teaspoon of nutmeg before mixing/shaking (i put a plate over the top of my bowl and shook) the mix real good to ensure total coverage.

using a large opening coffee cup, i cut out circles from one of the two ready made pie crust rolls. i then placed them in my muffin tin like so. next, i filled up each cup pretty full with the apple mixture.
using the second pre made crust roll, i cut out a squirrel and snail shape, my two smaller cookie cutters. i just laid over the top of the heaping cups like so.

with my oven preheated to 400 degrees, i popped the muffin pan in for about eighteen minutes before they were the perfect golden brown and the house smelled delicious!

the girls showed there approval by devouring these cute little pies in seconds! they say they are best served with a nice glass of vanilla almond milk, yum!
make sure and visit my little mustache to see her post and what she is planning on doing with her adorable creation!


melissa rohr said...

These are so cute!

melissa rohr said...


melissa rohr said...

These look delicious and cute. I love the squirrel.