Monday, October 22, 2012

packing a bag for the birth center

oddly, i feel very relaxed about the contents of the bag heading to the birth center with us. it's not like when packing for a hospital birth, when you have to take into consideration how long you might be there (usually forty-eight hours) and what you may or may not want to use of theirs.

the birth center sent me home with a handy notebook with a whole section on what i might want to bring, but really i just focused on packing things that would make me comfortable. one downside is that you don't go home from the birth center with a arsenal of after care products like you do the hospital. so, i had to plan for things like that to be ready for me at home or to take with.

for me i packed:
two sports bras, one that is a nursing top that i don't plan on getting wet.
two maxi skirts, one short and one long. when i picture myself in labor and moving about, this seems like the best option. plus, there will be photography happening so i care a little about my style.
ankle socks and slippers
extra hair ties and stretchy headbands
an entire outfit just for going home, that doesn't include anything i have mentioned so far.
granny underwear
depends (yes the adult diapers), i know i crawled out of my skin a little when my midwife mentioned purchasing some but then after several friends admitted these were life savers for the first few days, i was on board.
clifbar shot blocks and other things alike that can offer me quick rehydration and fulfill the electrolytes that i will need, when i am not really in the mood for eating.
granola and protein bars
lollipops - one of my favorite "in labor" snacks!
emergen-c, gatorade, and life water 
my starbucks tumbler for water
a full meal, probably a frozen option from trader joes. i have to eat something somewhat well-balanced before i can leave the birth center.
camera and empty memory card

for the baby i packed:
car seat, already installed in the car
a few newborn size disposable diapers
two coming home outfits, in two sizes - who knows what this little guy will be at birth.
a soft cotton hat
a aden + anais blanket
a warmer, thick and soft blanket
sterilized pacifiers, that i don't intend to use at first but you never know

for tim i packed:
swim shorts
basketball shorts and a couple of t-shirts, for comfort so that he can easily and comfortably move around with me.
a whole different outfit for leaving in
snacks of his choosing
nalgene bottle for water

there is a trader joes and several fast food restaurants within minutes of the birth center, so i am not too worried if tim or i suddenly get a craving for a bigger meal during early labor. my doula already scooped out the good places to get munching ice for while we are still at home or on the way in to the birth center.

we get to head home only a few short hours after i have the baby, this is equal parts exciting and terrifying for me. the girls will probably stay with relative for forty-eight plus hours so we will get a lot of time to sleep, cuddle and relax though.

it is all getting so real! i can not wait to have this little guy in my arms. what are your must haves for your hospital bag?


melissa rohr said...

You are much more organized than I am! I feel like I am losing it with this pregnancy! I don't have a single thing packed... I have everything I need {I hope!} but nothing is packed & it's all over my disaster of a house! :( I don't even have her clothes put away yet... they're in laundry baskets in my living room. Does this make me a completely horrible mom?! But tomorrow starts James' weekend so we are going to try to get everything done those 2 days. Wish me luck!

melissa rohr said...

haha, good luck! when we had stella we were super un prepared and i had to wait hours at the hospital in labor for my mil to run home and scavenger stuff up for us, i am just trying to avoid that this time :)

melissa rohr said...

I really hope that doesn't happen to me! But I'm for sure packing up everything for all 4 of us tomorrow! Zane's going to grandmas house for the 4 or 5 days I'll be there because of the c-section! :( I do not want to be there that long but you know the hospital.