Tuesday, October 16, 2012

pinterest inspired :: melted crayon pumpkin

this diy is pretty self explanatory from the photos and i am sure by now you have seen it all over pinterest - but i had to share our fun creation!

with a two and five year old nipping at the heels to do anything with their new pumpkins, i try to get creative outside of letting them have knives and play in goop. we still have a few more ideas (like this, this, and this) up our sleeve but this was the first one we set out to try. do you follow while it rains on pinterest yet?

to begin, we laid out a good coverage of parchment paper to protect out work area. ideally you should do this outside but it was raining so the kitchen counter it was.

we unwrapped (use a exacto knife to cut a slit length wise, the paper just comes right off!) then broke up our favorite shades of crayola crayons, from the rainbow. i used heavy duty craft glue to attach them to the top of the pumpkin and gave them a few minutes to dry.
lesson learned: you want to point them down and hae them flush to the pumpkin as much as possible. once i started melting them the drops were flinging off all over the place. to correct my mistake mid craft i would just wait till they melted a bit on the tip then bend it down to the curve of the pumpkin.

we used a hair dryer on high heat and medium force, high just blew wax all over. rowan had fun holding the dryer till her hand got tired, then i got tired of her dipping the tip into the melted wax. so, i had to finish it off. it really didn't take to long, the wax melts pretty fast.

after all the crayons were melted, i noticed i wasn't happy with the coverage. i went back and added a half to a whole piece of the same or similar color all the way around. when we melted this batch it made the wax already on there do some fun blending.
the wax didn't contour to the pumpkin the way i thought it might, but the drips hanging off the side look so much cooler to me. i am already picturing trying this with smaller pumpkin, white ones, or longer flat sided ones - all would look so neat!


melissa rohr said...

OMGEE! This is amazing. Must do!!

melissa rohr said...

p.s. how do you ad a "pin it" button to your blog? I'm dumb.

melissa rohr said...

haha, i don't remember. i just googled adding the social buttons and this was a set i came across those. do you use blogger?

melissa rohr said...

it was so fun! rowan just got a epic pumpkin at the patch today that i kinda want to try it again with :)

melissa rohr said...

Oh fun!! Will have to try it!