Friday, October 5, 2012

review :: royal design studio stencil

this photo just does not do this project justice as it was one of my favorite new house transformations yet! since we moved in a year ago i have been dreaming about and pinterest perusing ideas for this space in our combined dining and kitchen area. i was about to settle on some vinyl decal trees when the opportunity to review a stencil from royal design studio came up.

i was over the moon excited about the hundreds of choices and options that this company offered for any kind of fun diy but tim and i finally settled on the indian paisley damask for this wall in our dining room.

this project definitely included a learning process, complete with a couple of re-starts and changing of supplies before we were happy with where it was going. to prepare i read all of the information available on the royal design studio website as well as googling other reviews/tutorials done using the same products. 

so, the wrong way to do it: we started with just some good ole' frog tape and a dense foam roller. while i was very diligent about rolling off as much excess as possible we had tons and tons of bleeds and i almost left to cry in the corner. so we started over.

i also attempted the good old thick brush dabbing and while this gave good results, it literally was taking forever.
normal textured roller
stencil adhesive or temporary mounting spray
painters or frog tape
tons of paper towels

1. we painted our base color on. eventually the whole downstairs will be that grey color just like the living room is now, but i am not ready for all that taping, so while it clashes with the adjacent wall color, we're going with it for now. side note: we went with a bright white for the stencil paint.

2. spray the back of your stencil with the mounting spray and position at the point you have decided to start from. i measured to the center of the wall and worked out from there so the pattern would be the same at the corners. we of course also secured with tape.

3. add very little of the actual stencil paint to your roller then roll it like crazy on the tray ridges to get rid of as much extra paint as possible.

4. then, roll it like crazy on the paper towels to get even more off.

the key here is many super thin coats per placement as opposed to having to push your roller to fill the space on one pass.

5. royal design stencils provide you with great markers on each stencil that help you position for the next one and so on. so, continue you to move along in whatever order your prefer.

we found that we had to respray the mounting spray and wipe off the back of the stencil every other application.

extras: pay attention to if your stencil is level - you would think this being a brand new house we wouldn't have to worry about that too much if we worked down from the ceiling. i noticed after quite a few applications it was looking a little titled, so i started using the level to check it - this led to a couple getting over lapped to adjust for the change.

i didn't want to try and get fancy when it came to the corners, the whole thing already had a very shabby chic rustic look so i was ok with just kind of folding it up there best i could and rolling on where it would reach.

beforehand i taped off the window as you can see in some photos. the corners on the whole downstairs are rounded and to avoid having to deal with getting it to look somewhat uniform i just decided that is where it would cut off.

downsides: having to spray the stencil so much made it really messy on the back - this made it hard to wipe off leaks and made the back bumpy and messy causing it to not smoothly lay on the wall.

tips: a review i read mentioned using an air brush system, this seemed genius to me and i highly recommend trying it if you can.

in the end i am super happy with the result - so far most people who look at it, right at first think it is wallpaper. like i mentioned the shabby chic messy look really works since it is the same all over! it may have been a lot of work (and swearing) but it was well worth it for the drama it adds to the space.


melissa rohr said...

I love this! It's so gorgeous!

melissa rohr said...

thanks! it was so much work but i am glad i followed through and finished it ;)

melissa rohr said...

i love how it turned out!! So how long did the whole project take?