Monday, October 1, 2012

tutorial :: busted toms makeover

you all know i am all for a good shoe make-over to make those suckers last longer - you can believe that my mouth dropped while the nordstroms shoe lady told me that kids shoes are only meant to last for a few months. so, you want me to pay what exactly, just for it to fall apart right away and never even make it to another kid? no.

when we first started buying toms for rowan, i returned two pairs that had holes in them or were "talking" in the first month, that was totally unacceptable and the fact that i could return them is exactly why i buy shoes almost exclusively from nordstroms. fast forward to these shoes - it is becoming pretty apparent that with each new season, tom's is trying harder to make their shoe more durable so when these ones lasted most of the school year and all through the summer before getting there first hole this week, i was pleasantly surprised.
i already spent enough money on new shoes for rowan this year but i wasn't ready to give up on her having toms, so i had to get creative with how to make them last just a little longer. the best part? if she ruins this "patch" i can just replace it with something new and fun!
fabric glue
fabric scraps that work well with your toms
fray stop or clear fingernail polish

embroidery thread
ribbon or

to start i got a nice straight edge on the scrap i was going to use, then spread a stripe of glue along the seam about half way up the toe, and laid my fabric across smoothly.
next, i slowly worked my way down glueing here and there and preparing the toe for the pleat you will have to work in, then ran a stripe of glue all around the bottom of the toe securing/smoothing my fabric as i went. finally, adding a little extra glue to hold the folds of the pleat.

once my fabric was all glued down i went around with my scissors and did the best i could to evenly trim the fabric to fit the toe seams. i know, it isn't perfect, but we're only talking about impressing a five year old here. to kind of "tuck" it in best i could i used a butter knife to smooth the fabric edge into the rubber sole a bit.

when i started this diy i had pictured using my embroidery thread to create a blanket stitch along the top. quickly i realized that my lack of sewing genius meant i had no idea to do that in this type of situation and gave up that idea quickly and went with a simple stitch across that seam.
when i was finally done i decided that i would stick with just covering the shoe with the holes for now. i am all about having things off set and kind of like the look this gives with just one shoe done. i do think if i were to try this again i might do canvas for a more clean cut along the bottom. i don't hate the end result and think the rugged-ness kind of works for the look, hmmm.

the possibilities are endless on what you can do once you have your fabric on. i almost sewed a couple of little white buttons on for embellishment or i saw a similar tutorial where they added lace along the top line.

i can't wait to hear if you try this out!


melissa rohr said...

i love the new look! and glad you chose the herringbone! :)

melissa rohr said...

she got them so dirty the first time she wore them :( i am on the hunt now for some herringbone canvas to try again with!