Thursday, October 4, 2012

what is that even?

How far along: week thirty three through week thirty five
How big is baby: see above, all sorts of weird things i guess.
Total weight gain: five pounds for all intents and purposes.
Maternity clothes: more yoga pants and v-neck tees if you will.
Sleep: when tim falls asleep on the couch and stays there i get the best sleep. see also: he snores LOUDLY.
Best moment these weeks: started every week appointments, getting so close!
Gender: boy of course.
Craving: not really anything, in fact i can't ever decide on dinner because everything sounds gross right now.
Movement: yep! his little feet like to hang out right in my diastasis recti which is proving to be very painful.
Labor Signs: lots and lots of contractions. we almost called the midwife the other day because of how regular they were then they just stopped. she gave him a nice pep talk last week thought to stay in!
Belly Button in or out: flat, sorta out - you can see it through my shirt.
Stretch marks: oh lord, i think there are new ones.
What I miss: not being in constant pain and being able to clean the house without feeling like i ran a marathon. whine.
What I am looking forward to: this month he should be here!!!!!!!!!!!
Milestones: none really, although with all the talk about contractions my midwife assured me at this point he would probably be just fine if he came now and that he is weighing about five and half pounds.

i can't believe i made it thirty-five weeks before i really started to complain! but, everything hurts and i have not a ounce of energy left to give anyone, so the house is usually half a mess. we have been so busy with both rowan and i starting school again that i don't even have time to squeeze in the chiropractor and that sucks! in two weeks i'l be full term though and i am making it a priority to go at least a couple times a week till he comes just to get my hips and pelvic opening ready.

this week i told tim we should clean the car, install the car seat, and get our bags as ready as we can - i usually would wait till more like thirty-seven weeks for this but with all the contractions i have been having it really could be sooner then later and i want to make sure we are prepared.

we have every last thing we need for his arrival, oh shoot, except a pack of diapers, but we can grab those whenever. i need to get a whooping cough shot this week so that it has the best results in case i were to come down with it near my delivery and you just never know when you have kids in school.

i can't believe i am going to have my son soon! we really are over the moon excited!
i have just about given up on trying to do a weekly photo and i don't really feel bad about it. i never did that with the girls, maybe just a monthly, so no harm done and it is exhausting trying to look more human and less whaleish for a quick bathroom mirror photo.

lets just talk about this photo though - all of these pictured ladies are due within a month of each other, all having boys. the one in the middle, and in the pink on the end, and i are all due within a week of each other. so, how why do i look so gigantic? haha. not only am i taller then everyone (i guess we are on a slope) but i am definitely snuggling some sort of basketball in there right?


melissa rohr said...

how exciting...and fun!!
good luck with everything!!

Summer said...

Cute!!! Your sooo lucky to be this far along!

melissa rohr said...

i love that pic of all you preggo ladies! Does everyone else already have kids also? I hear you "show" a lot more after the first round. But you look fabulous in my opinion!

melissa rohr said...

the tiny blonde, this is her first and everyone but me already has one - i am on #4 :)

melissa rohr said...