Tuesday, November 6, 2012

a boys week :: superhero mask

i am so excited for this little feature! i am busying learning the ins and outs of raising this new little boy of mine and i asked some of my friends to chime in with their favorite boy related crafts and activities.

i absolutely adore summer and it is so fun watching how she navigates life with all these boys around her. i will be sure to drop in from time to time with updates to how we are all doing and adjusting, but in the meantime please enjoy these guest posts!
Hi everyone!  It's Summer again from Crosbie Crew.   Today I'm going to show you a fun and simple superhero mask to go with your little guy's cape.
What you need:



-mask printout (at the bottom)

-elastic headband or just plain elastic

-glue gun

-sewing pins (optional)


Print out the mask printable and cut it out.  Using your sewing pins, pin the paper to the felt.  Cut it out.
Cut open your elastic band so it becomes one long strand.  Glue one side of the elastic to the back side of the mask.  Once that side dries, try it on your little guy and see where you will need to trim the elastic down.  Cut it then hot glue it to the other backside (like the pic below). Allow to completely dry.
Now your little guy is ready to be a superhero!

To print out the mask, click on the image then right click to save to your desktop.