Tuesday, November 27, 2012

iphone photo apps i love!

i am sure we can all relate to how easy it is to document ALL of life on our phones, forgetting about the hundreds of dollars we might have spent on a fancy dslr. i know i am super guilty, so i am always trying to get the best quality out of all of my shots, even if they are taken on my iphone.

i wanted to share my favorite camera apps with you - i know some are iphone exclusive, while others or not! i would love to hear what your favorites are! i think it is one type of app you can never have too many of!
on my home screen, i keep my go-to photo apps, the ones i always need quickly and/or use a lot. i go back and forth a lot on which one was my favorite, but lately afterglow has been my go-to since it sort of wraps them all into one app!

instagram: duh, i am sure you know about this one. another up and coming social platform that allows you to share your square shaped photos with your friends and strangers, while simultaneously uploading to facebook, twitter, email, or tumblr. free.

vsco cam: i see a lot of professionals in the photo and video world loving this app. i like it for it's exposure adjustment, the best i have used yet. you can also add some edgy filters and great adjustments that are simple to use but leave a lot of the creativity up to you! $0.99

snapseed: this is my favorite basic camera app. while it still offers some filters, i mostly use it for things like brightness and sharpening my photos. $4.99

afterglow: a big favorite right now - allows you to make all your easy adjustment then choose from TONS of fun filters, kind of like a pocket version of photoshop. like most of the other apps i have mentioned, you can then save to your camera roll or send off to instagram, facebook, etc. but what i REALLY love is that it saves me the step of sending it to square ready, before instagram, by having a great framing option that does the same thing, or you can add circle and triangle frames! $0.99
square ready: hate how instagram cuts off great parts of your photo to fit it in that square box? this is the app for you. it shrinks down your photo and adds a white border on the sides to fit your whole photo in the frame or just make it look cool. free.

cinemagram: this is a fun video app. it allows you to shoot short clips then edit them for some great effects. the app also offers some cool filters to give your video clip a cool look. these are some fun ones i have made. invite your friends to follow your profile or hunt down some to follow too - tons of great inspiration for quirky video clips! free.

photomarkr: by now i am sure you have seen people in a mess over other stealing their photos? it happens everywhere - instgram especially! protect your creativity or your little ones by adding a custom watermark to all of the photos leaving your phone. it allows you to decide the size, fade, font, and more of your watermark. free.

artkive: while this isn't a photo app per say, you'll want to download this one if you have a little one in school! rowan brings home countless projects and art pieces daily and it is impossible to display them all. i snap a quick photo of everything she brings home each day and it store it in this app, i can choose to tuck it away until i am ready to make a photo book with the images or i can email her art work folder to anyone we want! this works out really great for sharing all her work with her dad who lives across the state. free (right now, grab it while you can!)

mpix tap to print: another new favorite that just came out! mpix was already one of my favorite go to online places for ordering prints and enlargements. now they offer this app that makes it super easy to upload and order from your phone. the best part? they now offer a instagram print size for just $0.29 a print! i am addicted! free.
camera and photos: pretty self explanatory and come on the iPhone.

labelbox: great for when you need a on-photo label! i use it a lot when i am posting a blog giveaway on instagram and i need to let my followers know what it is all about. free

panorama: i am not cool enough to have gotten the new panorama update for my iPhone, still working with a iphone 4 here. this app seems pretty comparable when it is important you take in a wide view and also allows for basic editing. $0.99

framemagic and diptic: both are layout and framing apps that allow you to stitch together two-several photos into one frame. $0.99

i also love me some fatbooth and the one where you can add cats sitting on your kids heads. check out the way cooler app for some fun too!

there you go! hopefully i just introduced you to some new ones you haven't checked out yet or just reminded you why you love all the ones i just mentioned. what are your favorite?


melissa rohr said...

I have almost all of those and love them! Another app I love is Camera+. It has a super quick shutter, so things are less blurry when I take pictures in that app :-)

melissa rohr said...

oooh! thanks for this...i love checking out new camera apps!

melissa rohr said...

I just recently found out about afterglow and it's seriously my new favorite app. I have a slight addiction with camera apps. Can't be helped lol. ;P