Thursday, November 1, 2012

nursery progress reveal

let me start off this post by mentioning we are far from done putting the whole room together but i just couldn't keep it a secret anymore! if you remember my inspiration post a while back then you'll notice i am missing a few key parts - like a faux taxidermy head or some antlers, some bedding, pillows, and a focal point above the crib.

you'll also notice a tv and some big kid toys - as you might have heard me rambling on facebook, we did a quick blitz and made this room useable for the masses. in reality it will be awhile before baby boy really needs this space all for his own and i didn't want it to just sit there and go unused. so, we opted to move a tv up from the garage and ALL of the kids toys into there making this room the perfect playroom...for now. plus, now i have a tv to watch in the middle of the night when we are cluster feeding and i need the entertainment.

other then that it is turning out awesome beyond my wildest dreams! i am not really for the matchy matchy polished looking nurseries that you see on apartment therapy, although those are all gorgeous! i keep looking around this little guys room thinking how easily he will be able to grow with it without a lot of changes.

i am proud of myself for keeping this room under a good budget of buying on sale, using what we had, and tracking down vintage treasures from tim's childhood and friends. for above the crib, i got excited about the idea of hanging a alaskan state flag tim had from the time he lived there, but once we started to hang it i realized it was too big and i didn't love the material - so i am on the hunt for a smaller, maybe vintage version. alaska is such a important part of tim that i am totally all for including it in his sons room.

we still have a lot of work to do but i am so excited for baby boy to take up residence in this room!


melissa rohr said...

R!! His name starts with R! I love this room. The mix of modern white and old world is awesome. The chest the TV is on? There MUST be treasure inside.

melissa rohr said...

So cute! I absolutely love the crib!
We almost go the same one. :)


melissa rohr said...

thanks girl! i love his room! haha, after you said that about the r i was waiting for you to see he was here on instagram :) r works for our last name too though, haha that is how we got away with hanging it early - we just said it was for "rorh"

melissa rohr said...

thanks! i am in love with it and you can't beat a free crib!

melissa rohr said...

it's gorgeous!!! i loooove it!