Friday, November 30, 2012

robin dash :: month one

time is seriously mean, how can my little boy be a month old already? 

robin is such a great baby, something about the calm way he came into this world, and has just stayed that way. he wants to eat a lot but for the most part i am ready and willing - it makes getting all the things done, a little more difficult but i find it impossible to ever even put this boy down.

at night we are up twice usually, but he eats so fast and goes right back down with absolutely no fuss. currently he sleeps in his swing, we'll have a new cradle mattress this weekend and i am going to work to transition him into there. we currently could not possibly live without our sleep sheep.

he has been cooing for a week or so now and smiled at me on purpose two days ago, i literally shouted, "shut the front door, you are so cute!" when he did it - i was totally taken over with some major glee in that moment. obviously this baby is way ahead of the curve, i googled checked even.

sisters trip over him, the cat jumps across him, things fall on his head, and people are always shouting around him and he goes totally unfazed - his pediatrician said it is because he was conditioned for this life in utero, good cause it only gets crazier from here!

at our four week midwife check in, our little chubster is up to twelve pounds and two ounces. i am curious what his exact stats are at his well-child check on monday. i will be sure to report back.

he doesn't love bath time or bottles but he puts up with both. he loves his swaddle wraps and bouncy chair. he likes to hang out in his crib when i am doing things up stairs and gets all worried (it seems) when the cat is around.

we are officially in cloth, except at night, this boy can pee, so he wears disposables at night. which means we are well on our way out of 0-3 month clothes. newborn fit him for a minute and now at twelve plus pounds he is hitting the limits for the next size, with his diapers already pushing him up to 3-6 months in some pants.

his sisters are totally pumped about his joining our family and literally can't leave him alone, but subconsciously are taking it out on me daily with the nautyness and lack of listening. insert some sad, crying, angry emoji here. they also are totally perplexed as to why he wants nothing to do with any of his cool toys yet.

we love this little prince to the moon and back.
i am following along with a tradition i started with stella, the monthly photo journaling. i changed things up a lot this time and stylized the shot a lot more but i still can't get over how fun it was to document stella growing and how cute it all turned out in the end. to see stella's "cupcake months" follow this link.