Tuesday, November 20, 2012

three weeks

three weeks have come and gone, so smoothly, and i am so in love with this delicious little boy that i get to keep forever. i have felt amazing since day one and robin continues to grow and discover and fit more and more perfectly into this new family of six.

we got two great weeks with tim home helping but i would be lying if i said i wasn't a tiny bit excited when he went back to work and life started to feel, "normal", again - we were on pause in a way.

robin's cord piece fell off on day four and he got his first bath on the one week mark, which he hated. i am so glad we waited, they don't bathe him at the birth center and we wanted to give his skin lots of time to adjust and absorb that magical vernix that protected him for so long. the first few days we were on a very strict every one and a half to two hour feeding schedule, put into place by the little prince himself. i welcomed it though and night wasn't so bad with adrenaline still lingering in my system. i think that plus the placenta pills i was taking, i always felt so awake and refreshed. this past saturday, i left him with daddy so that i could sneak away to see twilight and of course, he took a bottle perfectly, then still nursed perfectly when i got home. he continues to be such a blessing in our lives.

as of today my little man is on no sort of schedule, we feed on demand, but he is offering me a pretty steady four hour sleep period for the first one each night. then after that some nights he'll have a couple more three hour stints or we're up every two hours again eating. but this magical little boy is such a blessing in the wee hours of the night - he does some snorting to alert me he is hungry, he eats (fast!) then is right back to sleep with no fuss.

i am finding it a little difficult to balance school and life now, but thank god for wonderful and understanding teachers who have made deadlines non-existent for me and even adjusted a few assignments so that i could still succeed as a student and as a new mom of four. i was a little caught off guard when they so willingly wanted to help me - which just further proves it never hurts to ask!

all three girls love robin to the moon and back - they all have moved so seamlessly into their new roles as biggest sister, new big sister and so on. stella had a couple of random potty accidents, in front of the toilet nonetheless, but the verdict is out if it was because she needed attention or was just distracted. today i marveled at her as she held her little brother in our bed, she is so gentle and sweet with him and ALWAYS knows where is passy is at all times. rowan tells everyone we named him after red robin...whomp whomp whomp (we didn't by the way).

he has slept in his swing since we brought him home and last week we gave the cradle a try and he wasn't having it, so for my sanity he is still in the swing and we'll try the cradle again soon. ps, if your having a new baby, buy a sleep sheep (we got the travel size) - as of now i will go as far to say that has been our number one "can't live without" item, robin loves it.

i can't believe he is three weeks! time is such a bitch. as much as i look forward to all the things that will happen in the weeks to come - smiling, cooing, laughing, sitting, and more - i really want to relish in this newborn stage a little more. three weeks just means he is almost a month old and that just can't be...