Wednesday, November 28, 2012

words on wednesday :: halloween, finally.

i feel a little terrible that halloween wasn't a bigger "ta-da" this year. having brought their little bother home mere hours before trick or treating, these cute little ghouls got the short end of the stick.

luckily they were in the hands of my aunt and uncle and got hooked up with another family trick or treating with kids the same age. the girls had a fun time and brought home buckets of candy equal to their weight! yea, you can bet that is all gone now, clearly not helping me get back into shape after baby, whomp whomp.

stella went as minnie mouse, her hero and rowan as barbie from toy story 3. about thirty percent of people knew who she was right of bat, others guessed she was simple aerobic barbie (close), and the rest were totally confused. i guess that was better odds then if she had gone with her original plan...eloise.

i did my least favorite thing and ordered stella's costume from a halloween site and added the under skirt for a few dollars more. it isn't an exact replica of minnie from mickey mouse club house obviously but i like its more vintage look. then to add some home made touches we spray painted some old shoes yellow and i made the bow, choosing to skip a ear head band using her hair buns instead. stella was over the moon excited about the idea of dressing up and trick or treating. i think i helped her pick just the right thing to be, as she can't stop talking about it! no really, we have a conversation about it at least twice a day.

rowans costume was pulled together after her original plan fell through - we got the idea from a fellow blogger and i cringed as i forked over thirty dollars for that leotard on ebay, eek. i made the belt and buckle and instead of barbies shiny pink heels, we opted for shiny pink flip-flops (i scored for two dollars at hobby lobby) that were guaranteed to freeze rowans toes and we ordered the leg warmers off etsy.

it rained, of course but i think it was a win! now if only that son of mine had held on for an hour and a half longer he would have been a halloween baby!