Wednesday, December 12, 2012

a boy's name + his birth announcment

man, choosing a boy name is hard! can anyone else relate?

when we found out we were pregnant we settled on a girl name fast, sloan james with isla as a back up (i feel ok sharing, since i am sure we are done). this exact thing happened with stella and while her middle name didn't come till later, stella was the only name we talked about but could never agree on a boy name before we knew what we were having.

naming your child is such a huge weight that you carry, you have to consider all the angles - will teachers pronounce it right without bringing about giggling, can he respectably be president or a partner at a law firm, what could it possibly rhyme with that middle school kids could use against him, can it hinder mean nicknames or what fun ones would it bring on?

i felt less pressure to name a daughter, that i could be more playful, that a poppy or apple would sail through life without her name hindering her professional goals. but for some reason, and i am not seeking out your judgement, my son had to have a more timeless and classic name.

we had a continually revolving list on my iphone and i was calling tim daily at work to spout of new names i had found online - kieran, declan, lennon, jude, remy? remy stuck the longest and we had settled on fox as a middle name but then one day tim pulled it off the table, we were back to square one. still loving fox as a middle name, i was tired of names and syllables and sibling sets and we put it on hold, we had time, tim kept reminding me.

there are a lot of "rules" out there about naming your kid apparently. like the syllables have to be equal, what letters start and end a name, that you can't have all modern and unique names then name your fourth child peter, so really you can make up any rule if you put your mind to it.

(it's funny, in the end we didn't mean for this to happen, i swear, zoe and stella end with the same four letters and rowan and robin start with the same two and end with n.)

i had two favorite places to search for names - one being the obvious a mecca for naming information and handy discussion boards when you need a second party impression or advice. the second one was a little odder, but when i was looking for ideas for invitations once i realized that sites like or were a wealth of name ideas on their birth announcement samples.

so long story short, fast forward a bit to tim and i out on a date night, figuring this would be a last for a bit, we were excited to see a new blockbuster that had just come out. a great movie, it wasn't till the very end that i had that ah-ha moment of clarity, that was it! i turned to tim while the credits were rolling and asked, "how about robin?" can you guess what movie we had just seen?

i get that it is a gender neutral name and that could get tricky, as it is all but extinct as a male name today. but as soon as i started thinking about it, i don't know a single female robin personally and anyone i could think of named that were male. i was in love. it is such a strong name, so perfect for our son.

i immediately knew fox wasn't going to work, two animal names? it didn't flow well together and i was honestly a little bummed. we hit up our trusty iphone note pad again and started sounding names together - i guess it was me who made the decision to go with dash, as i think it fit great and made up a name of greatness. the translation of robin is bright fame.

we didn't share the name with anyone, same as with all the kids, so it was fun when we finally announced it seconds after he was born. funny little side story, when i was in labor my doula brought up again that she couldn't believe that i hadn't told her and asked me again right there, i was suddenly hit with a contraction before i could answer and let out a low "f-u-c-k!" everyone found this hysterical and said to rachel, "well there it is, i guess that's his name."

we were open to changing our minds if his name didn't fit his face and demeanor but the second he was in my arms and i had said it out loud, it was his name. welcome to the family robin dash rohr.
(the actual announcement looks great printed - for some reason the compression and size are making the text fuzzy.)


melissa rohr said...

Girl, you are not the only one. Boy names are no joke. Philip and I had many many girls names we loved and agreed on, not not one boy name. And wouldn't it figure that we had 2 boys? lol. And, that's why both times, our babies weren't named until they were born. Partly because I always like to see my babies before choosing their name.... but mostly because we are just so indecisive. The middle names, however, are easy. We've decided to just use family names, so there's never an argument there at least. ha ha.
Anyway! I'm glad you settled on Robin Dash -- super cute! :-)

melissa rohr said...

I love the name Dash - I think one of the Kardashian's has a son named Mason Dash. We had a hard time picking a girl name. We knew exactly what we were going to name a boy and never wavered on it. I had a girl named but right before we found out it was girl I decided I didn't like the name and we picked something else. Even though I like her name now I wish we had stuck with our original choice. But yeah picking a name is always so hard. There will always be people who don't like your choice. I remember my mother telling me God didn't give me a boy because I had such a stupid name picked out. Yup. Lol!

melissa rohr said...

haha, shhh don't tell my husband about the kardashian thing - lol, i have been praying he doesn't figure it out, cause that is where i got the idea ;)

melissa rohr said...

i think if you can find the perfect name - naming a boy is fun and magical, but there is def a lot more pressure to find the perfect one, at least i think!

melissa rohr said...

So right! Wonderful story of his name. We had a girls name from the beginning and ended up with 3 boys in the end. all hard to name. I have a Kale, Mickey and a Mica. I enjoy your blog!

melissa rohr said...

love all those name! thanks :) xoxo

melissa rohr said...

What a wonderful story. I love the name! Little Robin is too precious!

melissa rohr said...

i love this announcement...and the name!