Wednesday, December 26, 2012

cloth diapering our newborn

before robin was born i sold off the old stash that we had used with stella and started over fresh. i talked a little bit about our journey up until that point here and mentioned what the future held for us cloth diaper wise.

now, he is here and cloth diapering is second nature - i had some nerves building up to it, i had promise tim when the current pack of organic disposables ran out we would phase in the cloth. robin lost his cord piece on day four and was gaining weight so well that i wasn't worried about how they would fit. 

we ended up going two routes, both completely different from how we cloth diapered stella. we ended up skipping the idea of a newborn rental service and thank god - at only six weeks, robin already weighs twelve and a half pounds or more, so those would have fit for a millisecond and been a huge money loss on our part. instead, when i sold off our stash i used those same funds (so really the original purchase of diapers did last more then one kid) to purchase five bumgenius organic aio's and twenty-four prefolds with four thirsties covers in the first size.

first off, i can't rave enough about the bg elementals - we have had zero blow outs and minor leaks only happen by user error. this boy can really pee and poo and i am still getting used to this difference. they are so so soft and feel sturdy - i have opted to dry them in the dryer most times, because one down fall is they would take forever to line dry and since i only have five right now i don't want to wait, and i am not worried about them holding up for the next two years. they are a bit pricier then any diaper i have pawned after before, at twenty-five dollars a piece i will have to slowly collect more after the next few months.

next, i was surprised at how much i like using prefold and covers - twelve of the prefolds i got are called "perfect size" and are perfect for tri-folding and laying in the cover just like any other insert. they too provide great protection and as along as the cover stays clean i only use about two a day. with robin being so big, it won't be long before we have to jump up to the next set of buttons on the covers and start using the regular length newborn prefolds but either way this system is one of my favs.

sadly, we are not using cloth at night like i would have rather - he is just way to heavy of a wetter and being small his diaper already bulks him up enough without adding fifty soakers. he is ebf so his diapers go right from pail to wash with no worries of pulling the sprayer out yet. i am married to rockin' green soap and am having fun trying out new manly-er scents with this little man. i even discovered it was a little cheaper with free shipping (with a prime account) to order it from amazon, score.

so, that is where we are six weeks in. i am still greatly feeling the savings - even when people question me. it doesn't really matter what costco diapers cost, have you read the studies about the stuff they put in them? scary. andplusalos, you should see how cute his toosh looks in a bumgenius aqua colored elemental.

stay tuned for another update soon!


melissa rohr said...

I love BG's! We used the 3.0 (I think) on my son. He has grown out of them and not into the pot yet, so... sigh. I couldn't get the "user error" message over to his caretakers- my inlaws- when I went back to work. So, cloth diapering wasn't totally smooth and painless and we did wind up buying more disposables than I ever wanted to- but I will definitely do it again.

melissa rohr said...

Man, I'm so sad cloth diapering didn't work out for us and even sadder I (bitterly) gave away our entire stash. If I ever have another child, I want to try again. We use 7th Generation disposables and have since Ethan was born, but he has such sensitive skin that ANY soaps or detergents used to wash the cloth would break his skin out completely -- or the ones gentle enough wouldn't clean the diapers. It was such a nightmare. I can't stand the "do you know what Costco diapers cost?" argument, or Wal-Mart brand diapers. I put Ethan in a Pampers diaper ONCE when I realized I left my diaper bag at home and had to borrow a friend's diaper, and he broke out in that same rash all over his lower body. Poor guy was so miserable. :( :( :(

melissa rohr said...

yep! i hate disposables but we have to use them at night so we go for organic or we get rashes :(

melissa rohr said...

we probably buy more sposies then i want too :( i remember with stella going through a couple of phases where they were just easier - my hubs is always the sound of reason though encouraging cloth - so funny.

melissa rohr said...

I absolutely love BumGenius. I just wish they would come out with more styles and colors. We have been going back and forth from FuzziBunz to BumGenius. When our son was born FuzziBunz worked best then he began leaking out of those and we began using BumGenius. Now he's leaking out of BM and FuzziBunz seem to work best as well with some Blueberry ones for night time. I've been wanting to try some Best Bottom diapers but can't bring myself to spend more $$ since we already have a full drawer of diapers. What scents do you use for the Rockin Green?