Friday, December 21, 2012

#dailyrowanprekphoto :: october and november round-up

i am so behind on these! i also have to admit that i am super guilty of not being good about snapping a photo every day - boo! things got so nuts right around having robin and then tim was taking her to school for two weeks that we just let it slip. these days it is cold and rainy when we leave the house and i am lucky if i even remember my phone. oh, and then there were the few times i accidentally deleted it before it even got edited. oye!

all of that aside we still managed to snag a few good ones and some with some awesome stink face going on - it isn't always sparkles and unicorns when we are leaving in the afternoon. frustrations run high when we can't seem to look away from the tv to tie our shoes and find our back pack.

she is growing like a weed lately and i can't believe my eyes when sometimes i swear she looks twelve and not five. craziness.

so, while i try to get better and remembering to document our stepping out the front door, here is october and november's #dailyrowanprekphoto round-up for your viewing pleasure:
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melissa rohr said...

What a fashionista! Spunky, too. I love the idea of doing a photo every day, but I don't know if I could keep it up either.

melissa rohr said...

it's tough haha, i was pretty good about it last year but am failing this year.