Thursday, December 13, 2012

elf shmelf and santa makes a mid month check in.

a couple of years in a row now i have eyed up the elf on the shelf at target, last year he even rode in my car for a few minutes. tim is anti elf - if we're being honest he is anti a lot of christmas tradition making stuff, but a tiny red elf that is thirty dollars? he'll pass.

i keep saying, bah-humbug i am getting one anyway, then i just literally forgot or put it off or pretended it wasn't already december 1st and christmas time was upon us. i get the whole magic of it and the creativity behind his or her shenanigans, but we would be those parents that always forgot to move it and were constantly making up new lies to why he was still zip lining from the curtain rod four mornings later.

all of that aside i was getting a little jealous of all the fun elf on the shelf was creating for my friends little ones so i took matters into my own hands. who needs a elf when the real santa visits your kids for a mid month check in? 

we woke up before the kids on sunday and i sent tim to the store, cause of course i dreamt this all up in my head during a five am feeding sesh with robin. tim came back with a bag of powdered donuts and black frosting in a tube, then i set him to work putting in little rolled triangle of orange paper for noses. i had been busy scheming up a letter in some magical font that talked about being good and why we really celebrate christmas. on the finished print out, i added some festive doodles and a official santa seal as the final touch to tip rowan over the "believing" edge. she bought that part hook line and sinker. an official seal? in glitter? must be santa!

the girls were totally pumped when they saw their treat and were on their toes as tim read of the letter in his best santa impression. they went on to eat their snowman donuts yelling, "thank you santa!" after every bite. afterwards rowan explained that she needed to make santa a gift - that it would be a belt and that she needed to find a snake, flatten it out, and add a buckle. needless to say tim and i had a good laugh and it was a great morning!


melissa rohr said...

So awesome that you two have stayed friends and that your kiddos are so close in age! :)

melissa rohr said...

i love it! it's fun to think what it will be like if these kids stay friends till/through high school!