Monday, December 10, 2012

ok to wake! alarm clock & night light review + discount code!

i was super excited to review the ok to wake! clock by onaroo by american innovative, as it is no secret that morning time and nap are no fun around here. it had been a constant battle of trying to convince rowan and stella that four am was not an acceptable time to eat breakfast and start watching cartoons. 

it was one of the biggest on going fights happening in our household and it was very disruptive to the day. we had tried everything to get over it - we used a regular alarm clock and taped a piece of paper to it that showed rowan she couldn't leave her room until the numbers on the clock matched the ones on the paper. that didn't work once.

then we got the awesome and fun idea to use one of our christmas light timers and plug a strand of plastic horse lights into it, that would light up at the appropriate waking time. this was touch and go and a constant battle to catch stella before she dismantled and misplaced most of the detachable horses. at some point we began threatening privileges and so on, but nothing was getting through...

the ok to wake! alarm clock was our last hope for some sanity during sleep times. the girls were so excited about it when it came in the mail - the design is super fun with the round shape, feet on either side, and button that lights up a fun animated face. they even got to decide if they wanted their clock to look like a little green bug or a pink flower - of course they chose the flower.

so here is how it works - you set the waking alarm to light up, chime, or both, for an acceptable waking time. when that time comes around your ok to wake clock lights up a fun bright green color and a silly face appears on the screen. in the meantime your little ones are welcome to use it as a yellow colored night light by pressing on of the clocks "feet".

i had, had my eye on this clock when the chance to review it came up, but what i didn't expect was the nap feature it also offers! there is a handy timer, separate of the waking time or regular clock image, that you can set for whatever duration to count down how long your child must remain napping or at least attempting nap. this is so so perfect for rowan, it is always a fight to keep rowan in her room at nap. i'll admit i was constantly irritated during this time of day when rowan was sticking her head out of her door every three minutes asking if nap was over. now, she can physically watch as it count downs the time she has left, waiting for it to light up - she has become really fond of that bright green signal that it is ok to leaver her room.

this could be a really great feature for time out or quiet time too!

since we received our clock, i am happy to report we haven't had a single incident where anyone left their room too early. rowan is totally amped in the morning when her clock lights up and patiently waits in her room for it to happen. i think our success has a lot to do with the fact we made this clock all about her and how this was a special treat for her, to be a big girl and be in charge of her own alarm clock. 

i fully expect continued sucess with this great clock! i am already eyeing up some of american innovative's other products - like the owl ok to wake clock for robin, or the teach me time clock for rowan because as soon as the ok to wake showed up she has shown a lot of interest in learning what the number actually mean, time wise. so many great items to check out!

onaroo by american innovative was nice enough to pass along a discount code to my readers! i know tons of people mentioned they needed a clock like this in their life asap and now you can get one for 15% your entire order now through december 31st with the code WHILEITRAINS from american innovative.

i can't wait to hear if the ok to wake! alarm clock works for you!